Richard Su · @Phantiks

3rd Dec 2019 from TwitLonger

Parting Ways

Today I'm announcing my departure as Head Coach for @MAMMOTH_OCE.

Despite only having spent one year together, we made remarkable accomplishments and shared an unforgettable journey.

After a disappointing finish in split 1 everyone was filled with discontent, but it was upon this discontent which founded our road to World’s - witnessing everyone’s growth and sacrifice to turn our year around was truly inspirational. Jihoon, Ibra, Leo, Stephen, Calvin and Mitch - Thank you guys for the work you put in this year, you all have outstanding careers ahead of you.

I am sure the players are with me in saying that our success would not have been possible without @Ahilleas93, the board and the entire team behind MAMMOTH, always attentive to our needs and supporting us to the best of their ability.

I will be taking the lessons learnt from this year to refine my craft and apply them to my future endeavors. I also want to thank to everyone who has supported me on my path, especially those who have been around since I was a player. I’ll see you guys soon!

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