Our apologies to the community and how the sponsor dropped us

While the Grand final series was epic, we want to apologize for the drop of the sponsors to all of you.

So we, @OuilleHOTS , @Dittri0, @CrossAlbeo and @Sarly_21 apologize. We know mistakes were made and that is a big deal to all of you.
While we won't go into any details, we were promised by a big US company (Mails, Whatsapp, phone calls) that they were sponsoring our tournament to promote their products.
We were waiting for their ads and also waiting for a contract to be signed.
The company did send products to some players of the tournament, so we felt confident of the sponsorship.
And we should not have, players tested it and gave the company their feedbacks on how to improve it, they decided to retire brutally from sponsoring our tournament.
This is a big lesson of how the marketing world works today for us, and we've learned from it.
We won't do the mistake again and we promise we will comeback stronger next time to organize new tournaments again.

Thank you for the show, thank you to the players, the casters, the support of the community, thank you for sharing, following us ...

We made @blizzheroes up to 6.5k spectators yesterday and that's an achievement for us.
See you soon.

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