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29th Nov 2019 from TwitLonger

Tomorrow marks my last day with Misfits + Mayhem...

Misfits have begun building out their HQ in Florida and I won’t be joining them for that next chapter. I’m leaving on good terms and it wouldn’t feel like a proper goodbye without some extra words for a select few...I’m thinking what better day than Thanksgiving to remind y’all how grateful I am for everything.

The man who made it all possible. Thank you for your patience, your trust, and your empowerment over the years.

I believe I was one of the first 5 hires at Misfits on the non competitive staff side? Point being that we were a much smaller staff in 2017, but then and still now (40+ employees later) - I applaud you for always valuing and empowering us creatives to establish and maintain top tier standards in content, social, and marketing. Thank you for affording resources and opportunities to capable creatives, and to awesome women in leaderships roles. (Ella and Becca - thinking of you! Had to say!)

So again, thank you Ben, and more recently John as well - You’ve both afforded me the opportunity to really step into my confidence as a manager and creative boss lady. I’ll continue to cheer for all the teams, and I’ve got so much love and faith in the group you’ve got.

Now for a lot of love and some unsolicited advice to the Mayhem content team...

You’re a film making superstar in the making. I’ll remind you on your Instagram as needed. Mayhem fans have YOU to thank for most of the beautiful photography and quality content they see.

If you’re after my advice. Keep that energy and don’t let yourself get comfortable. Your fitness grind and your passion for self improvement and creativity within video and editing continues to inspire me. I’ve learned a lot more about video from a technical pov thanks to your patience and willingness to explain things. So as your exec. producer on most things content related, thank you for your patience working with me...the person that didn’t come from a video specialized background.:) We’ve shared quite a few proud projects together and most wouldn’t have been possible with you.

You are a passionate professional as you are a fan of Overwatch. You’ve never missed a deadline or a Mayhem game and you’ve got a work ethic beyond your years. You're dedicated, prompt, and thoughtful when it came to all things work and design related. Like Emanuel, I super duper appreciate your patience and feedback working with me to help different brand and campaign visions come alive within design. There's no doubt in my mind, you and Mayhem will kill it on an art and branding direction front in 2020. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

Try not to let it go to your head, but I think you’re one smart fella. That was my opinion from that first dinner and impression, and it still holds. You are quick to pick things up and apparently you’ve got the vocabulary range of Shakespeare? I digress. You’re a very talented writer, short form storyteller (SMM), and creator of memery...that came in at a time when we were faced with an uphill battle of bias against the org on socials. That’s no simple or easy thing to work and read through on the daily, but you didn’t let it deter you, or ever let it be an excuse. I hope you enjoy life on the move in 2020, and P.S. thanks for being a courteous roommate.

I hope you don’t find this disingenuous because we’ve been rlly disconnected recently. Even still, there’s absolutely no way I’d leave you out of this...You grew Mayhem’s social credibility and follower count from 0, to what it is, and yet you aren’t the type to take credit for every proud moment because at the end of the day, I think you want all that love going back to the brand. I respect that so much. A lot of people might disagree and say you should always take credit for your work, but that’s just something I personally hold in higher regard. Regardless, through all the iterations of players and staff at Mayhem, in my eyes, you were the glue and contagious energy that helped bring a liveliness to Mayhem’s office when competitive spirits were low for a time. And on a personal note - you always kept me grounded and sane. Thank you for everything and just being someone that I could always count on through these years professionally. I've never hired a friend before but you already know I’m very proud of hiring you. You’re so suited for creative work and I'm loving seeing what more creative control looks like in you and Ella's hands with Mutineers.

To the rest of the Misfits squad - It’s been such a pleasure. The staff under Misfits Gaming Group is a big part of what made this experience so fulfilling for me. ♥️

Jess, Nick, Vidol, Atan, Xavier, and any other contractors that have worked with me professionally during my time at Misfits/Mayhem, thank y’all too. You guys are awesome at what you do, duh.

I’m exploring options still and open to offers that allow me to pivot back to NALCS or a position that matches well with my interests and experience within creative, content, and marketing.

I’ll also be taking some time in coming months to refocus more heavily on personal interests that I think could use more love in my life (I.e. streaming, singing, and personal creative projects on my own channels)

I have nothing but appreciation and love to share for all the memories made...

Goodbye Misfits and Mayhem.
It’s been a lovely journey.

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