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17th Nov 2019 from TwitLonger


Okay so first off my experience immediately starts with me getting slandered/harassed. You guys probably saw the tweets regarding that so I won’t get too deep into it. Shit happens, I don’t think it was the worst shit ever or event ruining for me, but obviously that’s gonna affect anyone trying to do their job. So the main reason for this post is actually about my set with Wrath. It was for 13th place, it was put off stream. (I probably should have not let this happen, I’ll get more into that eventually). Since it was offstream there were no headphones, no surprise to anyone (plus there was a whole fucking concert going on, not much I can do there even with headphones LMAO). The set begins and I’m being heckled and what not. I’ve been playing for a long time and I’ve made quite a name for myself so that’s no surprise to me, them being inches away from me was definitely the roughest part but hey I’m no stranger to that either, it unfortunately happens. It definitely affected my focus since they were so close, that’s just a fact but it isn’t the key issue here. Wrath was being coached the entire time. Verbally and physically. They would say when things would take my stocks, say when I was recovering, the usual stuff you’ve probably heard of for midset coaching along with heckling. Complaining about stuff like this is kind of shaky because what can we really do about that y’know? But he was also being fucking massaged and shit midset LMAO. It was definitely a rough scenario for me, I figured if I said anything the heckling would definitely get worse, I’ve been in this scenario before so. So I didn’t do anything, I played the set, shook his hand, and left. The coaching was very blatant to me, but part of me was also questioning if I was just exaggerating since I felt like some sort of staff or TO would definitely do something. But then I realized the staff/TOs were in the crowd wanting me to lose so I definitely should have stood up for myself I think. So to sum everything up my final set was offstream with no sound, along with pointblank heckling and physical/verbal coaching midset. From now on I will definitely not be as nice as I have been and stand up for myself a bit more. I definitely deserve to play in playable conditions and will push for game losses and DQs if things like this ever happen again.

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