Commission Terms of Service

-Please provide a clear reference sheet or typed description about the piece. I may ask some questions to further clarify things but I would prefer if I did not have to guess certain details.
-At least half of the payment is due upfront, then the second half after approval of the sketch. Once the second half of the payment is received, I will continue from the sketch and finish the piece.
-By approving the sketch, The Commissioner is agreeing that they are satisfied with the sketch and the commission will not be refundable afterwards. If there is any problem afterwards with the piece, please bring it to my attention and I shall do my best to assist in what way I can.
-Any conflict to arise via payments or Paypal (i.e. a refund is requested once the art has been completed...) will result in legal action. Don't test me.
-Requests for a version of the piece without a watermark may be requested and uploaded, so long no one else claims they drew the art.
-Art used for icons, avatars, videos, thumbnails, etc may have a note somewhere that I was the artist (using LeOperaGhost or @zombii_yuurei for my handle), but it is not mandatory (however it is appreciated)
-Please note that I'm on a few deadlines for other projects, so I may be working on something else at the same time. It does not mean I have forgotten about the commission or am ignoring it. However, feel free to ask about the status of your commission at any time.
-If the commission is needed before a specific deadline, please give me no less than a week in advance notice, failure to comply will mean that I may turn down the commission.
-Any sort of questions at all, regarding the clarity of the terms, what I may or may not draw, or anything, please feel free to DM me and I will be happy to answer.

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