WESG Tournament - Bad news for our lineup

Today, information was officially confirmed that the Hard Legion team will not be able to take part in any qualifications of the WESG tournament.

The manager of our organization made a request on the topic: “Can Crimean residents participate in the qualifications of the WESG tournament?” To which we received a negative answer. Moreover, this applies not only to RU qualifications, but also to all qualifications in principle - CIS, UA, EU, etc.

The official response from the organizers of one of the major WESG tournaments:

“A player from the Crimea does not have the right to participate in any WESG qualifications, that if a person who has any relation to the Crimea (registration in the passport, place of issue) submits his passport to participate in the qualifications, he may well be refused without explanation . ”

I would also like to clarify that the official rules of the tournament do not say anything about the inhabitants of Crimea. We learn the whole situation from the organizers of the RU qualification, as they were given the right to conduct this tournament in Russia.

I would like to understand the reasons why this decision was expressed to us and try to somehow solve this problem. Otherwise, we are simply deprived of the opportunity to compete with our squad for $ 1,000,000.

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