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9th Nov 2019 from TwitLonger

Future of TCMLogos

For several days, an earthquake has occurred in the FM community regarding graphic packs.

As everyone must know, the use of Logos, Faces or Kits is subject to a Copyright. This is even more true today because of a law that has hardened things. When it's for personal use, there is no problem, but when there is public distribution that involves money (revenue through advertising or donations), it becomes illegal, but it has always been. In logic, each player should create his own Logopack, Facepack or Kitpack if he wants to play with, which is impossible in itself.

Flagship sites of the FM scenes decide not to offer download links for these contents, which I understand perfectly. For my part, and as long as no legal action is taken against me, I will continue the distribution of logopack TCM. I'm counting on all of you to keep the community alive thanks to the generalist sites like FMScout, FMBase, ManagerOnline and many others that have always supported me, as well as downloading our content, whether from competitors like the Metallic Logos or the Standards Logos for the best known, as well as Facepack DF11, Cut out or Kitpacks SSkits or FC12.

We are passionate people who love to play with all these graphic additions and we are happy to be able to offer all this to make the game even more realistic and immersive.

I hope with all my heart that this adventure will not end here and I thank again all those who supported me in one way or another and all those who have downloaded at one time one of our content.
Sorry in advance for the low level of English (I'm French, maybe it's a good excuse ^^).

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Monday 18th, hopefully an even more complete version of the TCMs: the TCM20

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