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7th Nov 2019 from TwitLonger

Why I left Sector One / Future Plans:

Alright, now that I'm officially no longer a part of Sector One, I'm able to explain exactly why that is the case.

After Kayzr, where we placed second, losing to DefuseKids in the finals, the only meaningful tournament before the end of the season was ESL Proximus.
Now, as many of you already know, I could not sadly not participate in Proximus. The issue is that Proximus requires 2 Belgian residents in a lineup, and well, we only had 1, Night. Thus we had the option to place our substitute Mytheos on ADC or Toplane.

Even though Mytheos is originally an ADC main, it was still decided that we would have me sit out the games with Mytheos on toplane. This is part due to the structure of our team, with Barrage playing such an important role. It was still open for discussion, and if we felt like we wanted to do it the other way around, with Mytheos on ADC, that that option would still be available.

However, while Proximus was ongoing, I slowly began to realise that I was not going to get any Proximus gametime. Of course this was a bummer, but I guess shit happens. So with me not playing Proximus, and no other tournaments coming up, it would mean that I would have no scrims or competitive games for the rest of the duration of my contract, which in my eyes simply isn't something I can just accept.

I've always had ambitions to go big, and while I am always realistic, I'd love to improve myself as much as I can. However, I kind of felt like I wasn't learning as much as I wanted to playing in the Benelux region. I know I know, I'm not the best toplaner in the Benelux. Alois, Tuomari, Kees, Zhergoth and probably many more are still stronger contenders. However, I wanted to expand and play with and against other teams in other regions.

Thus, since I had no gametime with Sector One, I discussed the option of finding new opportunities. However, since my contract doesn't exactly allow that, it seemed best for me to get the contract released, so I can actually start looking around for other teams and orgs.

That said, yes, I am officially a free agent. However, I do also want to clear up that my relationship with Sector One should not be considered as finished. If I do end up feeling like Sector One is my only home, which so far it has been, you might see me return at some point, who knows! After all, I could never feel more at home anywhere than at Sector One. My experiences with my first teammates at Sector One Academy are absolutely unforgettable, and while it may sound cringe, they will always have a spot in my heart.

Now that I am a free agent, I'm looking for any opportunities around Europe. If you'd like to help me out with that, please do, I appreciate any tips or recommendations! Expect a LFT post coming up soon, and I hope you'll all pray for my return to the scene. ^_^

Thank you for reading all the way through my essay (if that is what you did, lmao), and thank you to everyone who has supported me up until now. I wish you all happy times in the future!

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