Overwatch has been my life for 3 years, but all good things come to an end eventually. As many of you know, I went full-time into Overwatch this year to see whether or not it could be a stepping stone to a viable long-term esports career. I learned a TON by going full-time, but I'm not satisfied with the results given the amount of time that I've put in. Not everybody is cut out to be a gaming personality or content creator and I'm willing to accept that. The whole journey was MASSIVE for my personal development and I am very glad that I decided to drop out for 2019. It's easy to look at the time investment and say that it was a "waste of time," but often the most fruitful rewards come from the journey and it's lessons - not the final outcome. I've become more extroverted, willing to speak my mind, and was able to discover how much I LOVE marketing. Of course I've learned far more than that, but that's the distilled version for the sake of brevity. If Overwatch were a well-managed game I would likely have given it another 6 months to see how it goes, but at the end of the day I cannot justify building my livelihood around a company that I don't trust. I'll leave it at that for now, I don't want to bring that negativity to the tweetlonger.

Through Overwatch I've had the opportunity to make many good friends and meet exceptional people. I would love to point out every one of these people by name, but the list would be INCREDIBLY long. I'd inevitably forget to include many names and I don't want to make those people feel bad D:
If you've ever had any 1 on 1 interaction with me, chances are that you are one of those people - The Overwatch community is actually amazing and I'm beyond grateful to have met so many of you ❤️ I was especially surprised with how supportive people in the streaming community are, to the point where it feels that we are all in it to grow together (as opposed to tearing eachother down to get to the top). A special shoutout to the people that I frequently hung out with at Twitchcon and Blizzcon, I consider you lifelong friends and me quitting Overwatch won't take that away 🤙 Without getting too sappy, most of you are amazing and I hope that you succeed in your ambitions!

So what now?

Giving myself a year to focus on Overwatch full-time has given me more time to reflect on life and what I want out of it... I only have 2 more years of studies left to graduate with my B.S. in Computer Information Systems at ASU - I'll be going back to university in about 2 months to finish my degree and I'm very excited for it. Through streaming I met great people who have opened my eyes as to what I want to do, with many of them being kind enough to give me career advice, help with my resume, and much much more. I've come to the point where I know almost exactly what I would like to do and I can now chase those goals with laser focus. I'll be working as hard as ever but now I'll be siphoning the energy from Overwatch to being the best cybersecurity professional / database administrator.

This is NOT the end, this is just a break from gaming and creating content. I enjoy creating content and genuinely believe that it is the way forward - For now I need to focus on solidifying my professional foundation, but I WILL be back in the near future. I have many passions in life and I would love to share those with you in a way that you get value. I have extensive knowledge in many areas of health including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and philosophy (all of which I practice myself). With that skillset I could see myself creating content around how to be a pro gamer, optimizing performance, and more. I actually have quite a few other content ideas on top of that, so rest assured that I will be coming back eventually ^^

I took the Overwatch journey, I failed, and now I take those experiences with me to continue being the best version of myself
Keep chasing your dreams, they'll never come to fruition unless you put in the work to make them happen - My dream is still alive, I'm just taking a different path 💪

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