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29th Oct 2019 from TwitLonger

My leave from Mkers...

So Guys, over the past couple months I have felt my impact on this team degrading. We've had our differences and good times along the way. I can't describe how grateful i am to have this opportunity to work with amazing players who have sooooo much skill. Torok, Alation, Sloppy, Sparxo, Panix, Baka, And now the polish madman Auer! But unfortunately My time and what i believe i can do for these guys has come to an end,

As for torok, this man has soooo much potential just sitting dormant, he's probably breach 9000000 walls and still wanting to learn more.

Alation, most improved, has come over a lot of personal blocks that have made him a more all around, suitable player for the team and i only see his performance increasing from here.

Sloppy, welp. i don't know what more to say lul. Tell this man to shoot a silver dollar falling 100 meters away after doing 30, 360's and he'd put a hole through the middle of it. Best shot in EU and still performing and learning. This is probably the hungriest player i've ever seen. he's willing to do anything and dedicate his life to this game.

Baka, if this man was to ever go professional again i would have to give him a blessing of a reference. when i picked this guy up i was told he had a lot of personal issues to work on. i'm very blunt so i told him this of course xD but i have never seen a more of a 360 from a player. One of the most patient players and most level headed players i've ever seen.

and recent addition of Auer, i believe this man is definitely hungry. he is passionate about his work and i believe he can help this team a lot. coming from the teams he did he now has a sound base of what he can now build off of. i see many strides he is about to take and all the improvements he has and is making.

To my boys. I can honestly say i love yall. through all the times we've shared together i see nothing but high hopes and a good future for you boys. i'm sorry i couldn't provide more to you and make a bigger impact. I will always support you and help when i can. I just wish you can forgive me for not making the progress you wished to see. that i hold in my heart as a faillure forever. I will not make the same mistake where my path next leads me.

I want to give a huge thanks to not only the boys putting up with me, but also A great friend of mine from a man who goes by the name "Sua". If it wasn't for this man i would never have been able to get into the R6 scene as high as i did as early as i did. He's been not only a role model, but someone who i never thought i would build a sincere friendship with. To think a nobody like me could be friends with G2's analyst when i got my start, :D i'm pretty sure i thank this guy twice monthly and i will continue to thank him. I owe this man anything in the world and will work every day to show him he was true believing in me.

As well as Jahk, this man has shown me my worth and made my eyes open to the work i could be doing on another level. He's been a dear friend of mine since the day we met. So many laughs, good times shared working together and a friendship that cant be unbound. He's my baguette friend. i owe this man a great deal of gratitude.

both Sua and Jahk , and my boys i cannot be grateful to enough.
Again my boys, i am sorry the progress i was giving you couldn't have been more solid. I'm sorry to every fan reading this i have let down, and also i'm sorry to myself for not getting accomplished what i set out to accomplish.
>>>>>>>>>>> As for my next path,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bagel isn't done yet. You will see my name out there. Just wait. i'll still be coaching and I'm certain my heart is still up for the challenge. But i guess you guys will have to wait to see where it takes me. o.o

Thank you all

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