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14th Oct 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving 07 Gera // Problems causing us to drop week 1&2

Hello Twitter,

I want to give some insight into the reasons behind me leaving 07 and the problems that built up during the offseason and the first weeks of the split. First of all I want to clarify that neither the players nor the Management of 07 was causing any of these problems. They were mostly caused by certain people being more involved than they should be and others that should've been more involved.

We initially had contracts for 2 splits offering us the same amount of money under the condition of making 1st Div. As most of you heard by now we failed to qualify "normally" but got a spot in the 1st Division regardless due to SK dropping out of the league. I would've prefered if this decision was made earlier since we heard rumors about it 3 weeks before officially getting the spot and that we play against AeQ for it aswell. But that is besides the point since the problem was that our sponsor decided to not invest further since this is the last split and 07 has no ambitions regarding ProDiv. (which is totally understandable but still) Sadly our contracts were terminated after losing the promotion tournament. So the players and staff either had to work for free or we need to make changes before close to leaguestart. We were granted the opportunity to look for other options regarding the ProDiv but there was a missunderstanding mostly caused by me since I though that we could join another org for the winter split already since the split doesn't matter to 07 or atleast to their sponsor. After a lot of drama and certain people coming to false conclusions and therefore dragging our names through the dirt, we were left with the choice of playing 1st Div without payment or not playing it but getting paid instead. Our players decided to play for free since they wanted to have a strong showing coming into riot league but due to certain problems that they had no power over we parted ways with @L3oriii and @Deicara soon after. (won't affect them for future teams since it was mostly based on the entire situation explained above) Since this was so close before the start of the split and the fact that we obviously didn't want to go 0-18 either made it really difficult to find potential players. After a couple of tryouts and a lot of people declining the offer right away we still didn't have a lineup coming into week 2 especially since at this point it doesn't make a lot of sense for players to join a team thats already 0-2 and will have close to no practice for the next weeks.

On top of the reasons mentioned above I had less time because of university and the fact that I got a lot of unjustified blame (atleast in my opinion) by certain people showed me that its better for everyone if I leave 07.

I wish 07 and all players the best for the future regardless if they stay together or not and hope that the problems caused by us don't affect the last split of @ESLGermany in a bad way.

If there are any questions left feel free to message me directly but there's some stuff that should rather remain confidential.

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