Azfura · @Azfura

8th Oct 2019 from TwitLonger

if anyone cares

sup. just wanted so say real quick for the people that care. I'm putting aside comp rocket league. this game has created amazing memories for me and ill always cherish them. recently I've just been thinking to myself and i think its time i pack it up and use my time for something more resourceful. Comp RL puts to much stress on me and turns me into a way to competitive person to the point where i shit talk/create a bad environment for teams im on and i want to apologize for that btw. Also its been 2 years since ive last improved and seeing everyone come and go is really demotivating. All in all im gonna be focusing on streaming and college from now prob. so yea. thx for reading its been real. the most ill do is prob sub for a team at this point. but anyways yea thanks. peace.

Also is spoodah says "see you next week" hes blocked. im not meant for comp and im starting to realize this. still had a blast tho with what ive done. :D

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