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7th Oct 2019 from TwitLonger

Comment by @DE_Nagval on recent situation with CS:GO Team

We had a difficult period back in spring of 2019, when we had long salary delays. We agreed with the players that if the debt remains, it will be compensated from the share of organization stickers. However, we have closed all debts except May. For may we gave 240Hz monitors to the players and agreed that the rest of the debt will be paid out of our share of stickers. To ensure that players are not afraid that we will act dishonestly, we gave them passwords and access to sticker payments. Now the situation is like this: all 6 people (Players and coach) are going to leave the organization, taking with them the percentage that they owe to the team. In exchange, according to the players, we should keep the prize money that the team has earned recently from the tournaments. The amount is almost the same. However, our position is simple: during the preparation for CIS Minor and Berlin Major players lived on the territory of the organization, received a salary and were supported financially in every way. A grat deal of money has been spent, we believe that they should be compensated by players or by an organization that takes them to themselves. In fact, it’s just an attempt to “throw” by paying off the money that already belongs to us. We will not leave this situation just like that and will contact all official TOs and organizations in order to remove players from participating in tournaments until this situation is resolved. Players say that we fired the coach without their knowledge. He had to be fired earlier, because the way MechanoGun communicated with me and our manager Artyom Petrin can at best be called unacceptable. Emotionality is good in the game, but not in the work. No matter how good a person may be, no one gives him the right to disrespect his colleagues. Team maintenance is a very expensive and absolutely non-profitable business, and even more when a team that shows no stable results (as it was half a year ago).
It’s great that players have complaints about the organization’s work, everywhere and everyone has complaints. But where the team is now is not only the merit of players. This is a common work of many people in the ogranization. In my opinion this behavior is absolutely not professional and disrespectful. In 10 cases out of 10, I would have fired coach in the same way. And the overall picture, in my opinion, is not in favor of the players. Of course, we had difficult periods, this is a fact. But what is happening now is way too much.

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