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24th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger


MediocreMapper Mk5 released, source included.
Network control removed.
I'm done.

tl;dr MM is done publicly, private development will continue, I hate you all, not sorry.

I don't imagine too many of you care, but...

MM isn't what I wanted it to be. So I'm going to quit working on it in the way it exists currently.

being THE editor to go to has been a total pain, and an occasional pile of stress I don't need. it's been just about a year since development started and I miss my initial role; making a janky editor that not that many people used. I've been stuck half adding features and then deciding it'd wound the mapping community too much for me to put in. I'd made that mistake a few times, and seen the mapping community irreparably damaged, my fault. Maybe no one else saw it, but I did.

I don't want a large userbase. I hate the pressure of needing to think endlessly about every addition. "would this be cool? But how would the UI work? Is it good enough? What would happen after I roll it out? What would beatsaver look like a week after this?"
It sucks. I hate it. I can't put the shit I want in my editor without worrying about taking it all out because of the weight of putting it in, or if it's just not good enough and i have people clamoring for a release.

In any case, onto the future.
MM is my baby, and I refuse to let anyone have it. As such, Mk5 is not my baby. Mk5 is gutted of all(most, i probably missed some) cats, memes, bullshit, whatever. I assume this is what the community actually wanted. This isn't my personal editor.
Development will continue privately, I'm going to finally add in all the stuff I wanted to that either just never worked well enough, or had the potential to be too impactful on the community. I'm not sure how else to limit the size of the userbase, but hopefully most of you will be too fed up with me to want in. Invites to continued development will be sent to patreons and past donators upon request(DM me). I'm not in this for the money(though it is nice) just can't think of another way to keep my userbase smaller. That is, unless you want forced cat notes and despacito again.

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