Hello everyone :)

Before I announce who the F3 PUBG team has picked up in replacement of Mossy.. I would first like to talk about Mossy briefly. Firstly, my team and I wish nothing but the best for our brother in terms of his life and his experiences in the future that will occur within esports. We appreciate everything he did for us as a team and everything he taught us. Mossy is our brother and what we accomplished together as PDS, will never be forgotten amongst us. Mossy was our IGL for opens and he brought us to the next tier that is NPLC. We love you and again... Nothing but the best in life my brother <3

Now, time for the big announcement...

The player we've decided to pick up is none other than Kropp!

We believe that Kropp will bring his fragging abilities and potential to the team and will make us even more stronger together as a team. His mentality and overall awareness/intelligence of the game will help us get to the overall goal of finishing in top three for NPLC and eventually making it to NPL. We believe that with Kropp, we will come out of the second half of league play in NPLC, with a BANG! Welcome to the F3 PUBG Team Kropp :)

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