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18th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving GL

Oj titta!

It's with many memories and emotions I sit here and thinking a few days after what we could have done better within the organizaiton and team. After 6 months in the org and another 3 to create this project, the time has come to an end.

There are much to share, but I choose a shorter statement for now. Will try be more active around the scene and share my experience for you that's supporting from the outside what its like to work with such a young organization and an international team.

My last game as a coach was against Heroic in the Dreamhack qualifier. A game where we got to show what it was like to work as a team again, do our prep, never give up and then win the match. Two weeks before this may be among the worst I have experienced in csgo. More will come later!

We had internally set a goal to reach top 15, which we did not quite succeed with (21). The good memories I pick are our first bootcamp together, the victory in the lootbet and Moche XL where we finished second. The atmosphere from the Portuguese crowd and the win over Furia in the situation we were in is a memory of life.

Right now I'm going to take a small break, gather strength and reflect. But I will definitely come back and will continue to give everything for the next team I coach.

Starts with those boring memories when it comes to decision making. One of the biggest mistake that happened was that we drove away our captain Ex6tenz during this summer. We definitely had our problems with that lineup too, but right then and there it was just too impulsive decision from everyone involved. We worked as a team and pushed each other much harder back then. Could write a whole book about Ex6 but I'm very happy to have worked with such a team captain <3

Has been inspiring to work with people from different parts of Europe. HS & Scream are incredibly nice people who still have a lot to give, really hope they get the chance to show it again soon. It took a while to get him going, after his injury we could see between May and July what level Scream still possesses. HS just needs to be used correctly in a team and then he will very useful. We saw this during our practice after the summer break. For various reasons he did not get the chance to show it but he will for sure soon.

When we had our roster change it cost us a fantastic teammate but also gave us a new one but in a different way. Dennis is an incredibly skilful player and very easy to work with. Really sad we didn't get more time together but I hope our paths cross again soon.

Then we have our Swedish talented machines. Nawwk is going through a period in his career that he has not been experiencing before and and as soon as stability is found again, he will be Sweden's top player. Had so much fun with this guy, we even had a fantastic trip together this summer where I got to know the person behind even more. I have trained many talents in my days but when Tim shows his highest level it's something out of the ordinary.

Mr Hampus, the young seventeen year old I picked up to Epsilon 2016. We been together now since last year when Red Reserve bought Godsent. I don't know any player in the world who can play in as many different ways as this guy can. He has so much talent, sometimes I don't think he realize how much. Therefore, it's extremely important that he continues to take the steps he has shown during our project here. Think it might be good he and I break up for a while, so he gets the impression from other leaders as well. I also know in a very short time how a player like Ex6 affected him in a positive way.

As said in the beginning of the text it's a lot of emotions right now, but hey life goes on and it will be fun doing something new soon again.

Want to send an extra big thanks to Joel (Bonafide) without you this would never happened in the first place!

Also mucho love to the players who helped us in the past Grux and during those turbulent weeks, Freddieb, Draken, Rusty and Shipz, you are the best!

Vi hörs!

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