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16th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

LFT as OWL Head Coach

Good Head Coaches are rare in the Overwatch League; it’s not about books and leadership theories. It’s about coming out of mistakes(lots of it) learning important lessons for the next day. Overwatch teams don’t generally have good leadership because people lack experience- the game is new, people aren’t too sure what a good Head Coach should be like. No coaches in the scene have more than 3 years of coaching experience. Few understand how to be strict properly, the importance of tonality, of being empathetic and of countless more traits that an inspiring leader should possess.

While I am still open to any role as a coach, I am confident I would function best as a head coach. My experience as an NCO in the military coupled with two stints as Head Coach in different Contenders regions were unique lessons in leading people of different cultures and background. Additionally, the opportunity in working with the excellent coaches in Gladiators strengthened my understanding of what the role should be about. I also worked closely hand in hand with David on important team decisions in the Gladiators.

While I am still with the Gladiators and am very thankful to the management of Gladiators for giving me a shot this season, I believe I would excel in the role of Head Coach in any team.

If you have any questions or want to reach me to have a chat about my role for the Gladiators, you can contact me at or add me in Discord at JohnGalt#7790.

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