Drew H. · @EsportsLokazi

15th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Regarding Seiko's Grandmasters match today:

Hey y'all,

Our initial response was intended to reflect that scheduling could not be adjusted to accommodate Seiko's request. We didn't intend for him to play directly over a Grandmaster event, and mistakenly understood that Seiko would play the Hearthstone Matches and work this around the other tournament he was participating in. The expectation is that players should be entirely present for their Grandmasters Matches. That being said, we acknowledge and apologize that our response to Seiko obviously engendered confusion and our communication will be more clear in the future. Next week Seiko must be present and play his match or be subject to the rules of missing a match. We expect the absolute best from our players and will continue to strive to bring our viewers the best competitive hearthstone possible week after week.

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