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10th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Upcomming update about latest accusations and concerns

We would like to take a moment to be completely transparent to our users regarding some recent concerns:

The provably fair system operating on our site (and many other sites) for years, was long seen as the most secure system available.

As time goes by, technology advances and we are sorry to say that we have not been fast enough at implementing the newest systems in terms of fairness. However, the system is still secure.

The reason for this has been prioritizing new features on the site and naively relying on the trust of our players.

We take full blame for not providing our players with the safest and most advanced systems in time.

Rest assured that our development team has since worked tirelessly on bringing you the most up to date system with full clarity of the fairness and a new provably fair will be in place within 48 hours.

It has always been our intention to bring our players nothing but the best and we will continue working hard at earning your trust as we have been for over 4 years.

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