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9th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Freeze exploring options

I am still under contract with splyce/mad lions, however I was allowed to explore options this off season.

As some might know I took a long break to fully focus on recovering my hand injury after h2k/TS 2016 Ever since I started playing after 1 year break my achievements are following:

1st rift rivals LCL-TCL-VCS
1st TCL 2018 summer
2nd TCL 2018 summer playoffs
1st LVP SLO 2019 spring
MVP of the LVP SLO FINALS in Sevilla
5-8 EU masters spring

We didnt have a very good showing this summer season finishing 5-6 in LVP SLO Playoffs with the 10 man roster mad lions

I m currently sitting around rank 130 in soloq with 750+- lp on my main on euw. Link to check account:š%20Kněžínek

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