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4th Sep 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving T3H

Hello everyone,

Today I will announce that I will be leaving T3H.
As some might have noticed I have not been playing the last Challenger League qualifier. This was due to me telling the guys that I will be stepping down. And to clarify I offered them to play the last qualifier with them but it was decided that they will play with someone else.

I've not been feeling very happy playing as all the stuff that happened during the last year or so finally got to me. That being the constant roster changes, always building new teams and all the drama and stress for example.

I wish my teammates the best and hope that they will do well.
Also I'd like to give a huge thanks to all of the T3H staff and especially to Dan and Emilie. They have done a lot for me and the team(s). Dan is a very genuine and great guy and there is nothing bad I can say about the org. It was a great pleasure playing for them.

As for what I will do now I don't really know yet. Maybe I will continue playing, maybe I'll try coaching or maybe I will leave the competitive scene.
I'll just see what live has to offer.

Alexander "Oraghon" Bolsun

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