Head's up, quite emotional and lengthy tweet but here it is.

It is official now. I have left EG and will be joining SSG for the next part of my career.

For the longest I wasn't really sure myself even if I'd be on a team in siege that wasn't EG. The core of Nate, Ammar, Yung, and myself had been playing the game together nearly exclusively with each other since it's release. To be honest in hindsight it's pretty crazy even to myself how long we remained at the level our team was at. When I first started playing and competing on this game I just wanted to win whatever game or tournament I was in at the time. The idea of having a team with the same core 4 for 3+ years and becoming one of the most storied and accomplished teams never even crossed my mind.

That being said, all good things do indeed come to an end. After being at it together as a team for all those years and seemingly hitting a plateau at one point, then becoming increasingly more inconsistent. It began to feel like our team definitely needed some level of drastic change in order to reach the level we were pushing to attain. After Raleigh there were discussions of all different sorts of paths we could go down in order to get the change that we needed. I became aware of the opportunity to be able to join SSG in place of Chala. To be honest, I think that was the only offer from an NA team that I really would have wanted to pursue and with the current state of affairs in the EG roster I felt like I couldn't pass up the chance. SSG has always been a team in NA that I respected the discipline of. They have a solid system in place with structure that they execute well and believe in. Myself and the rest of the guys at SSG believed I could bring flexibility in terms of adaptations and overall experience in the IGL role to the team. Also the system and structure behind the team was appealing in the sense it could take a lot of pressure off me that I have felt in the past, in terms of feeling the need to make a call in game.

The feeling that change needed to be made on EG was a feeling that was mutual and I believe that me leaving also provides them the opportunity to get that change. I say with confidence that myself and all the other guys on EG all want one another to succeed and in the long term these kind of changes are best for all of us. Contrary to popular belief there is absolutely no bad blood amongs myself and the guys at EG. I would still consider the guys there some of the absolute best friends I have made in my life and I will always remember and cherish the memories we made together (I just started tearing up typing this NICE). We went through some of our highest highs and lowest lows together as a unit and it helped every single one of us grow as players and people. I just want to say thank you to every single one of them for putting up with my shit for years because without a doubt I was sometimes not the perfect teammate. That being said, every single one of them still always trusted that whatever the case I was just trying to push us however necessary to becoming as good of a team as possible and help all of us improve individually.

I want to thank everyone at the EG organization for being so great to work with and so supportive of us at all times. We were the first team to really have a big organization take a chance on them in this game and look where we are now. Thank you EG for believing in us and our game. Everyone in the organization was an absolute pleasure to work with and always felt like I was dealing with a friend whom I could trust. Thank you Phil, Sam, Joe, Shannon, Steven, Paul, Drew, Ryan, Michael, Nicole, Matt, Kelby (although not directly part of EG) and Peter for all your hard work, unrelenting support, and knowledge/experience you passed down to me, it was always a pleasure even those who I didn't work with as much. Even for me I think it's going to take some adjusting to not be wearing the EG blue, but I do think I will always still bleed a little blue.

Lastly, I of course want to thank everyone who played on iterations of our lineup but I do think I might be going on a bit too long in an already quite lengthy post here. So with that being said I specifically want to thank the 3 guys who were there with me for it all, Nate, Ammar, and Austin (Yung for those who don't know since we never called him by his name lmao). These guys were all there for me without question no matter what I needed and I think/hope they all felt the same way about one another and myself. No matter if I was being emotional after a loss, if there was something going on in my personal life, or even if I was really craving some cookies or jolly ranchers in the middle of the night. These guys all had unwavering loyalty that anyone would be lucky to have around. Most importantly, the three of them were far better at being selfless and swallowing their pride than I and many other people could ever hope to be. They firmly believed in doing what was best for the team before themselves at all times. Ammar at a point (although brief) without practically any resistance switched positions to become a coach for us in hopes to make the team better and try to reach our goals. Although it may have been the wrong move in hindsight, Ammar was willing to go for it as long as the team believed in it and I know the other guys would have done the same. I guess part of what I'm trying to get at along with thanking them for being such incredible teammates and people, is I want anyone who supported our team on EG to really understand just how valuable these guys were. I was the "face" of the team and without a doubt got a lot more love than I deserved because of it and along with that I think every single one of those guys was criminally undervalued. You may have saw certain value in EG through because I was the face and the voice of the team, and you may even think things have changed and that is gone now that I am no longer there. However I want to make sure everyone understands that none of that has gone anywhere and anything you believed or loved about EG before remains the same. I of course hope I retain your support while switching over to SSG but I also hope that you still support these guys to no end just as I will be at any opportunity I can.

I think that sums up everything I really wanted to say here. I'm sure I missed something and I will pissed at myself for it in hindsight though. Thank you if you've taken the time to read all the way through this, I really hope you weren't crying as much as I was typing it LOL. Thank you for all your support for me throughout my career. You quite literally make my dreams a reality in allowing me to live the life that I do and nothing makes me happier (even though everyone always seems to think I look depressed lmao, I promise I'm very happy). Anyways, this is definitely an extremely bittersweet moment and I will miss everything about playing on EG. That being said, this I think is a necessary step for all involved and I am extremely excited to work with my new teammates on SSG in hopes of achieving what we're all so hungry for.

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