Kiwi Kremlin Exposed: Suzie is a wealthy woman and not what she claims to be. She left a $75 an hour job as a Software Development Manager to travel the world larping as a "targeted activist." More on her background, lies and scams, and her possible ex-husband's background.

I found this blog post of Suzie's dated February 8, 2016. It's a long read but VERY interesting, answers a lot of questions, and quoted throughout this post.

Scroll 3/4's down the page where this gem appears:

"But I am a truth-teller, and have staked my life in order to do so. And the truth is, in 2013-2014 while campaigning against the GCSB, the TPPA, Israel and other facets of the military-industrial complex, I was working a day job as a Software Development Manager, eventually earning up to NZD$120 per hour building print portals for New Zealand universities."


At first I laughed because how the hell can SHE be making THAT kind of money per hour which is equivalent to $75 an HOUR in the United States??? If she worked at the least a 40-hour week, she would gross over $3,000 USD a WEEK.

$120.00 NZD = $75.52 USD

Many times she comes off as clueless and the strangest person alive. While other times she seems intelligent and articulate. So HOW is it possible SHE has the skill set to be and could ever be a Software Development Manager???? So I took a chance like what are the ODDS this will land a match .... and BOOM, there's a match for her as a Software Development Manager:


Suzie Dawson
Software Development Manager (Colorite) | Auckland, NZ
| 027.362.0002 |

That guy lists Suzie as one of his references on his portfolio when he knew her as a Software Development Manager at the company Colorite which is a printing, graphics, and xeroxing company that's been around since 1996. Suzie BUILDS print portals for New Zealand universities.

Here's how Colorite looked on May 16, 2014:

The next archived date is November 21, 2014 where Colorite's name was changed to Gravitas Media. The announcement says they were moving to bigger and better things and the same people are staying on. That timing is around the same when Suzie wrote on her blog she turned down a promotion, selling her house, and ESCAPING NEW ZEALAND.

I can't find anything for Suzie and Gravitas Media after she quit her $75 an HOUR job as a Software Development Manager at Colorite.

That above fits in with the timing right before she left New Zealand for Berlin:

"I turned down an offer to extend my employment contract, resigning against the wishes of my employer when my contract expired and walking away from a massive paycheck to become an unemployed full-time writer. I then sold my house and everything I owned, and moved to Berlin."

Suzie left New Zealand on January 2015:

"Suzie left New Zealand in January 2015 to live in exile in Berlin, and currently resides in Moscow, where she is seeking asylum with her young family."

The timing again fits in with her selling her house. Suzie left New Zealand on January 2015. On the previous paste I tweeted, her house was sold one month later on February 2015 for $780,000 NZD. On the paste below I had previously sent where it says 'Past sales & timeline' shows Suzie only lived in that house for one year buying it July 2014 for $620,000 NZD making a profit of $160,000 NZD when she sold her house to move to Berlin.

All quotes above, except the date when she left New Zealand for Berlin, are from the same blog post of hers:

Suzie worked during the day as a Software Development Manager at Colorite. Her activism started in 2011 during Occupy and later TPP. Suzie quickly joined the Occupy Auckland media team. Issues soon started with the media team asking where is she getting her money from when most activists don't have much money at all. I "think" the answer is she didn't want to tell them how wealthy she is, the high-paying day job she had as a Software Development Manager at Colorite, and the very big beautiful home she bought while she was representing Occupy Auckland. I had first believed Suzie genuinely wanted to help the people in Auckland and throughout New Zealand while something in her head went very wrong possibly due to the publicity she received during and from journalists, whistle-blowers, Occupy, TPP, and Anonymous. She started targeting long-standing activists and reporting them to police. What does that tell you about her???

Suzie has said many times she financed her activism herself for years before ESCAPING NEW ZEALAND. This tweet below supports that timing. This tweet was last year. It adds up to her activism started during Occupy in 2011. And she financed it all herself until she left New Zealand.

"I have been an activist for 7 years. I self-financed my activism for 5 of those years. It cost me everything, except my morals & self-esteem. As an asylum seeker i am not allowed to be in paid employment here. What you are describing as 'begging', activists call 'mutual aid'."

Now this is where it gets interesting. Suzie admits when she moved to Berlin, the money she was living off of was from the sale of her home. She says 15 months after moving, she had nothing left. How is it possible she went through hundreds of thousands of dollars and close to a million dollars with NO debt in only 15 months after leaving New Zealand??? Unless she was spending like she had been when back home in New Zealand while at her high-paying IT job.

"In the 15 months since, we have had to live off those funds as I have continued to write, speak out and advocate for multiple movements and issues, unpaid. My net worth has plunged to nearly zero and I have absolutely no regrets. Despite the stress, danger and degradation, I would do it all again in a heartbeat."

There is a father paying child support, but of course it makes no sense. Suzie says one of the payments she received was only $5.45 NZD. That's $3.44 USD. How is that possible??? Suzie and her children were not surviving off of $3.44 USD child support payments!! She's lying. Unless the judge set that amount because Suzie had been making the equivalent of $75 an hour USD which means she was grossing at the least $3,000 USD a week if she was working a 40-hour week.

"I have never earned a single dollar for any of the activism work I have done. Since quitting I.T., my only source of income, if it can even be called that considering how paltry it is, has been child support payments. The last payment I received was NZD$5.45c."

All currency conversions have been via

Suzie had no debt, which means she walked away from New Zealand with the full total of the house sale $780,000 NZD and any savings she had elsewhere. There's also Suzie making a profit of $160,000 NZD when she sold her home on February 2015 for $780,000 NZD. She had bought the house July 2014 for $620,000 NZD.

"At one point my bank tried to close my cash-positive accounts entirely with the bizarre excuse that I wouldn’t be able to secure debt services. Debt services that I had neither requested or needed."

With all this money Suzie has and supposedly two children to raise, you would THINK Suzie would save her money not knowing what the future holds when the government and ASSASSINS are trying to murder her for doing nothing of any value she thinks she has done to make any of them know who the hell she is. Suzie and the cult members around her have put HER on the same level and above Assange, Snowden, and Manning.

With two children to feed and being a "targeted activist" Suzie refuses to prove she is one, why would Suzie start throwing her money away going on VACATIONS around the world and writing about her experience? Here she is thinking she's Anthony Bourdain writing about her vacation to Hong Kong where she even writes her own bio at the bottom saying she's currently traveling the world and writing about her experiences.

This article was published on Apr 20, 2015. Suzie ESCAPED NEW ZEALAND FEARING FOR HER LIFE on January 2015. Her Auckland home was sold February 2015. This article sounds like she had been in Hong Kong for longer than the usual 1 or 2 week vacation where she writes about going grocery shopping. Most tourists eat out at restaurants or eat in at the hotel. This sounds more like Suzie went on an extended holiday to Hong Kong first before flying out to Berlin.

"Since joining the Occupy Auckland media team in 2011, Suzie Dawson has been a driving force behind many social justice and political movement media campaigns and events, including #GCSB, #NZ4Gaza and #TPPANoWay. Her work has been shared internationally including by, Wikileaks and Business Insider. She is currently traveling the world and writing about her experiences."

We know Suzie was eventually in Berlin because German trolls she pissed off had trolled her to think they're Snowden wanting her to fly out to Russia for work he had for her. Suzie lands in Russia and realizes Snowden doesn't know who the hell she is and she had been trolled. We all thought at first she had no money to fly back home and created the entire "seeking asylum" LIE for donations. Now we see she either went on vacation first to Hong Kong after ESCAPING New Zealand before landing in Russia, or she went on vacation to Hong Kong after she landed in Russia realizing she had been trolled.

We know Suzie has been in Russia because she had recorded videos of herself while there. No one really knows if she's still there though. People have tried helping Suzie with her fake "asylum" by sending their contacts in Moscow to help her but she refuses. Suzie could never qualify for real asylum considering she has never proven anyone or any government has been after her. Wouldn't a real journalist be chronically all this with FACTS in case someone were to ASSASSINATE her and her kids as she claims? It's a FACT real asylum and refugee seekers can get a job while in Russia Suzie claims she hasn't been allowed to. They have the same rights as Russian-born citizens except voting.

English International School has three Moscow locations. All children up until they graduate high school are given a British-style education. Why would Suzie deprive her children of an education instead of them being held hostage in a cave with her 24/7 being told about ASSASSINATION attempts that never happened? Her kids are more at risk being around her than anyone else. Asylum and refugee seekers have the same rights as Russian-born citizens such as having the right to work, housing, and an education. Everything except voting.


Now let's see how much money Suzie had after leaving New Zealand, and the money she has stolen and scammed since ESCAPING NEW ZEALAND to Berlin and Moscow while vacationing in Hong Kong larping as Anthony Bourdain in between. There were other donation platforms before such as Paypal no one knows the total of.

home sale and profit:
$780,000 and $160,000
$160,000 as profit when she sold her home on February 2015 for $780,000. She had bought the house July 2014 for $620,000.

Bitcoin donations:

2017 New Zealand Election – Digital advertising:

Fred Look:
Internet Party member Fred Look loaned Suzie $8,000 she had convinced him to think she desperately needed the money. She later refused to pay the money back and threatened to sue him.


I don't believe much of anything Suzie says but it is a fact she worked as a Software Development Manager at Colorite because that guy's portfolio on the PDF link lists Suzie as Software Development Manager at Colorite. Her email address at the time was a company email address too. It's so hard to believe Suzie was making the equivalent of $75 an hour USD, but it would explain how she had the money to buy that house. AND it also explains how she could have financed her activism all on her own for years before leaving New Zealand. It also became an issue with the Occupy Auckland media team asking where was she getting her funding from.

I stopped believing Suzie has kids and said it many times after seeing so many lies coming from her such as not being allowed to have a job while seeking asylum in Russia, the image of herself she puts out is a lie, and not wanting to prove any of her other claims such as any government has targeted her. Lying about having kids would get her more in donations and help her image as a "struggling single-mother raising two kids after escaping New Zealand." People lie all the time in order to scam for donations. People have lied about having children, their children died, fake cancer and every other illness you can think of. Many have said Suzie and her two children could never survive on donations alone. She is getting her funding elsewhere, someone else, or as before could be financing "seeking asylum" herself like she had been financing her activism herself back home in Auckland for years before she left New Zealand.

There must be at least one activist she met while living in Berlin who could answer if they ever saw Suzie with children, or if they saw children when they visited her home in Berlin. The only person I know of who claims to have seen Suzie with her children is her lawyer, which doesn't mean much at all considering that he is paid to speak for her which means lying for her too.

I've heard of people who wanted to send their contacts to help Suzie in Moscow but she refused. And there's her not allowing the kids to attend school. Attending school would prove the kids exist and people seeing her taking them to school. There's the English International School with 3 locations in Moscow where she claims to live. That school for all children till they graduate high school provides a British-style education.

Here's a video of her lawyer saying he met her and her two children in Moscow. He's a lawyer paid to defend his clients.

Last week Suzie once again crossed the line in order to scam for donations lying throughout it all. She started ANOTHER new campaign for herself wanting money for her fake "asylum" legal fund. What got everyone PISSED OFF is she lied about she and Edward Snowden have been the best of friends for five years, it was kept a secret even though he acknowledges his actual real friends, and he helped her ESCAPE New Zealand. It was such a great secret not even Snowden knew about it either!!!! Snowden's attorney Jesselyn Radack later kicked Suzie off her pedestal by saying while Snowden and Suzie both live in Moscow, neither know each other and have never met.


Here are other resource links for more information on Suzie, and how much money Suzie has made and stolen. A breakdown of how much we know of Suzie has scammed. This does not include earlier Paypal donations:

#1vs5i – Show me the money!

$60,000 in bitcoins she has scammed.

Suzie stole $8,000 from an Internet Party member, refused to pay it back, and threatened to sue him when he wanted the loan paid back.

For someone who was part of Occupy Auckland and claims to be anti-government, anti-police, and anti-surveillance, Suzie runs to the police and lawyers for everything wanting them as her own personal army threatening her "enemies" with legal action. She also accuses everyone of being the "informants," and projects what she is and has done onto others. Sound familiar??? She's doing now what she was doing back in 2011. Suzie was new to activism in 2011 but decided to waltz on in thinking she owned the place and started targeting long-standing activists in Auckland. Suzie also destroyed and gutted the Internet Party years later destroying all opposition against the Five Eyes. But yeah accuse everyone else of being the "informants" Suzie when everything you've ever done shows YOU are the police and government informant.

Suzie destroyed and gutted the Internet Party.

Who is Suzie Dawson? Exile or Fraud.

Suzie Dawson – The quick version

There are many more articles exposing Suzie in @MasonBee1's website:

Suzie Dawson a blast from the past may she fare well in Russia

The full looney

Fact-Checking Suzie Dawson

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I just found two other companies Suzie has owned besides Media Savvy Limited. She co-owned IT Associates Limited and Ethereal Innovation Limited with Shane Paul 10 - 13 years ago. The old addresses linked to Suzie are below, while Shane Paul had the same address as Suzie's 108 Eversleigh Road address which suggests they might have been living together. What if he's the father of her two children and there are children in the middle of all this sorcery?

108 Eversleigh Road, Belmont, Auckland, New Zealand

62 Rangatira Road, Beach Haven, Auckland, New Zealand

Suzie and Shane Paul were business partners and lived at the same address for years. He's a computer programmer, lecturer, and a member of the NZ Army Reserves.

"Partner in many a business with Suzie Dawson and lived at the same address for years. If I have the right person he is a computer programmer, lecturer and also appears to be a member of the NZ Army Reserves."

"There have been suspicions about Suzies long term involvement with him such as,”Army, Computer training, friends with a sudden activist who’s everywhere…..” but they appear to have no basis as far as I can tell."

"Army, Computer training, friends with a sudden activist who’s everywhere .... Dawson AKA Endarken AKA Suzi3D has questions to answer about where her income comes from, why she has repeatedly gone to the police about Penny Bright but calls others “informants” when they make police complaints themselves, and what is her agenda with trying to monetise activism while ripping down established activists? Is Endarken the next Sabu?"

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