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29th Aug 2019 from TwitLonger

Ending my Esport career


after missing todays last chance to get into CL, I'll be stepping back from my position as a coach and end my career in Esport. It was a long journey starting in CS and ending in another FPS I loved to play. Sadly the last months were full of stress, disappointment and things we couldn't change.

I started as a mediocre player and couldn't reach the highest peak of skill level.
Shas invited me to Penta and trained me how to coach a team. We had a lot of fun with the whole team, sixquatre, pengu, joonas, s4i, tuni. There is still something I can't get out of my head, our Pinturillo sessions. Hours after the scrims we would sit and just play and have fun.
I moved with Penta Academy to Panthers and we had to disband because of personal reasons of the players. (In this Academy I benched Sua and told him to go coaching [he is now a world champion - ya right, that boy outclassed me and I couldn't be happier].

After a short break, I joined Invicta and had a beautiful time. We reached 3rd place on Assembly, went into PL Relegation but sadly couldn't reach it. I will never forget Hansen and my 300 zl story. These are the things that will always stay in my mind. Complicated minds destroyed our team and I had to find a solution for 2 new players in 1 day. I picked Vapo and Kendrew. Kendrew has been prolly one of the best players I've ever worked with. I never understood that nobody wanted to pick him up. Finally he reached the place he deserves and I hope he can get even more.

At the end of Season 3, the old PkD team came to me and begged that I should help them. Since I knew them from several LAN events, I tried my best, but I joined an already sunken ship. The team was divided and two players already made a "plan b" to join another team no matter what happens. Another player couldn't even practice. I decided to bring in Karzheka (a promising player - now Major winner). He fragged the hell out of the opponents, but it wasn't enough. Journey ended even faster than I hoped.

My time came and I finally made the step into PL. I went to 1nFamy and tried my best to help them. When we joined mouz , we worked hard to achieve stuff, sadly had to kick some players and replace them with others. Hyper & VertcL are probably the best fraggers in NA. Together they are unbeatable with a good support lineup. The 2nd half of season 2 PL should've showed it. It's still unbelievable how the bigger teams divided them and not picked *both*, since they were actually carrying the other 3.

In GamerLegion I got the freedom to search for young talents and tried my best to reach the CL. We achieved alot and people always thought we are going to be the favourites. And we would've been, but a lot of not changeable things happened and we couldn't even play a single qualifier with enough practice and with the main team. That shouldn't be an excuse, but I personally felt like it stole our momentum. There has been alot of mistakes and I personally take the blame to not prepare them the best or have them on the highest level when they needed it. The team has incredible characters and they are all lovely. I couldn't end my career on a better team. Even tho' we didn't reach our goal, I know they will make their way. Look out for them in the future.

Well and that was kind of my history in R6. I'm happy to be and were a part of every level of competition. My time ends, I'm 30, I should give the place to someone younger, better. I can say that I'm happy, most of the people I had in my teams are still friends and we talk from time to time. At the end achievements are the one side and friendship, humanity the other. I think I treated every of my players with the amount of respect, care and love they deserved.

I'm happy to stay with GamerLegion. I'm going to be the brand manager and focus on social media etc. It's a new journey I want to take, it's still in esports but not focusing on me but the organisation. I'm proud to be part of the rise of GL and will do my best to have my part in it.

Thank you for reading this and thanks everyone that supported me, played with me, coached with me or met me on my journey. It has been a blast and I won't forget it.

- morxzas

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