Breaking down the silence

Hey there,

I believe it's my first twitlonger post, but I'll try to keep it as short as I can. Last six months, I believe, were full of stress. We had a lot of roster changes that kept us behind everybody else and we had to find our game over and over again. Last roster change, featuring Boombl4's departure to Na'Vi, had my in-game roles change drastically and each day after it I started to feel less confident about my own gameplay. After role swap I feel like I just couldn't get used to it and it probably affected not only my own game, but teams as well. And I do sincerely feel a lot of guilt for it, but as hard as I tried, it always just didn't work out in the end. I kind off have voiced my opinion over this in the team talks, but maybe I was not clear enough, so we continued playing as it is. In the end, we have failed to find the success with the roster we had.

It was an amazing year spent in this organisation - Winstrike. I matured a lot as a person and as a player (I believe I said this somewhere before). There's a lot of passionate people working here and I'm really glad I had a chance to work with them. I will be forever grateful for what they have done for me.

As for now, I'm going for a little vacation. I haven't been on a proper one for about 5 years now. As much as I love playing this game, I feel like the time has come to reset my mind a little and comeback fresh for the new season.

What comes to where I will play, I still don't know. I'm free of my contract now, so I'm gonna be exploring options, but I'm not necessarily in a rush to find a team, since I really feel I need to get my confidence back first.

Lastly guys, sorry for being so silent in social medias for the last couple of months, but those months were full of finding our game and finding myself again, I was really focused on this task. I promise to do everything to comeback stronger than I ever were and if I fail - so be it. But I will keep trying regardless. That's just who I am.

Sincerely yours,

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