Adam Friberg · @fribergCS

27th Aug 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving Heroic

A few weeks ago I decided that I would not sign a new contract with Heroic as my old contract was expiring.

I was playing with Heroic for almost a year & a half, we had a lot of ups & downs with the team and countless of player changes. We started to do better in the last few big tournaments but unfortunately didn't make it to the play-offs in any tier 1 tournament. Now I want a new challenge.

I will keep on playing and I am now looking for a new team, either Swedish or international. I can do almost any role in the team and I am also available to play & move to NA or Asia.

I want to thank my team mates, especially Patrick "es3tag" Hansen for the time in Heroic, me and Patrick played with each other during my whole stay in Heroic, he's an amazing team mate and person. I believe the team will do a lot of damage in the upcoming season and wish them best of luck!

As for now I will be watching the major and stream some FPL/DM sessions.

I am a free agent, so if you wish to contact me with any offers you can email me at:

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