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21st Aug 2019 from TwitLonger

BJK are not paying their players

I think we all can agree that esports can be pretty shady sometimes when it comes to orgs not being professional or not doing as they promised. At least with Besiktas I thought this was something we wouldn’t have to deal with as it’s a huge and well-known organization with a lot of money, but I guess I was wrong. It’s now August and I still haven’t received my salary for March.
I’ve been playing for Besiktas since October 2018 and already back then you could tell they weren’t the most organized people. Our first salary was already delayed with multiple weeks where they promised us this was a one-time thing because of bank changes and assured us that it won’t happen again. During our first 5 months in BJK we didn’t get A SINGLE salary being delayed less than 2 weeks. Some salaries were more than a month late.
Eventually we found out that this wasn’t only the case for our team, this was also the case for all other teams, staff and managers.

I could copy or screenshot all the conversations were I'm getting promised that the salary is coming “soon” and that we all should just wait a few more days, but it’s just too many of them to even count. They were also coming with threats about them not being able to pay any of their players if anyone went public about it and tried to get players to sign shady stuff to keep them from being able to go public.
I have no idea why Besiktas keep lying, signing new players, sending their players to events or even signed us in the first place if they don’t have guaranteed money coming in for the amount of months signed.
Here's one screenshot of 10000 about the salaries being approved and coming soon. This was in May:

The last I heard BJK wanted all their players and previous players to sign NDA when none of the players have done anything wrong and already have contracts saying they should get paid every month. To me this just seems like another way to get people to be quiet about the situation, and I’m tired of it now. I guess I 100% never will get my salary after posting this, but maybe other players at least will see or hear about it so they don’t end up in the same situation as all other BJK players are now.
Personally I left BJK in June and I'm currently trying out for other teams.

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