It's been a long time coming with this and I've been kicking myself forever for not bringing this up. I'd like to address something awful that happened to me in my life in hopes that other people won't have to experience this. In 2016-2017 I was in a really bad place. My parents kicked me out because my depression had made me skip school. I moved from the west coast to live with my former partner on the East coast, where I had no friends or relatives. After we broke up I had a manic episode. I had nowhere to go so I was still living there at the time. I found myself reaching out to anyone in hopes that I would make new friends. Quickly enough, I managed to cross paths with @Anti. He seemed very forward but nice at first. I had a weird feeling but I couldn't really put my finger on it so I let it pass. We bantered a little and he asked me to watch his stream. Some time after he mentioned he was staying with @PBnJ23 and invited me over to play ssb4. I was so excited to meet a top player and learn some things, as he had mentioned he could teach me Rosalina stuff. I was like sure why not? But that wasn't how things panned out. We got food, some booze and then went back to @PBnJ23's place. Some kind of event was on so we watched while eating. He seemed to insist that I drank something really strongly mixed with liquor, and then made advances to kiss me. I didn't outright say no but I definitely moved my face and was like not okay. He still kept trying, putting liquor in his mouth and putting it into mine ( I was 18/19 at the time). I was afraid. I texted my ex, frantically telling him to pick me up. He was at work and had to leave early just to come get me so I had to tough it out for a bit. Holding back my terror, I tried my best to appear calm. He then mentions a show we had discussed and tried to get me to Netflix n chill in his room, essentially. At the point I made it clear that I didn't want any intimate bodily contact. I was just there to play games and I was freaking the fuck out inside. At this point he EVEN HE RECOGNIZED that I wasn't uncomfortable, and was stealing glimpses of my chat with my ex. (Which gave me a really weird impression because he didn't seem remorseful, he seemed afraid) So then he was like "oh are you ok?". All of this was a very poor decision on my part and since then I've taken better care of myself and actively choose to be in healthier/safer environments. But after this the smash community just left an awful taste in my mouth. I'm not sure why you thought this was ok to do to me when I was so young and impressionable.

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