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9th Aug 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving PSG Esports : what's next for the team

Hey everyone,

It's with a heavy heart that I'm announcing that our roster has parted ways with PSG Esports, following the end of our contracts after last season.

I'd like to thank PSG Esports, and everyone working there, for making these past two years so special.
I'm proud to have been part of such an organization, and to have represented one of the biggest brands in the world for so long. For the past two years, they've only been supportive, and kept trusting us even through our toughest times as a roster.
I'm proud to be able to reflect on those past two years, realize how much success we had with their help, and end our run on such a good note with a Major win.
It's now time to start writing a new story.

So, what's next?

It was never really a question for any of us, but I'd still like to confirm that our main roster will remain unchanged (Chausette45, fruity, Ferra) for the next major events and the next RLCS Season.
For the time being, we'll go back under the name Frontline.

In addition to that, I'm proud to welcome yumi_cheeseman as a stand-in Coach for Beyond the Summit and DreamHack Montreal.
It's the first time our roster is getting help from a coach, but with the scene evolving, more and more teams are getting one, and we felt it is important to try and see if a coach can be valuable for us moving forward.
I'm really excited to see what we can achieve with yumi's help!

With that being said, we are now looking for a new organization to represent.

We are the most recent Major Winners, 2 time Major Champions and appeared in 3 Grand Finals.
We also appeared at every single Major 3v3 LAN since our team's creation 2 years ago except RLCS S5 Worlds.
We are the current second longest-standing 3 man roster in the RLCS scene, and are, per Liquipedia's rating, the second highest rated team in the World right now.
We were PSG Esports, and we are now looking for a new home!

You can reach out to us by Twitter DMs or by email : n8laprade@gmail.com


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