Leaving Tempo Storm

I want to start off by saying Dcop, Solveful and Assert, Are by far probably some of the best Human beings I have ever met. I want to thank Tempo Storm but especially Jordan King and Robert Del Papa for giving the players and myself a chance. To show who we are in Apex, I cannot believe the opportunities Tempo Storm gave me and allowed me to be apart of. But with that being said I have decided to walk away from Tempo Storm on my own accord. I want to take my chances and look for other Organizations and Opportunities within Apex. I took a gamble with Tempo roster and I won the Lottery. I am a gambling man and want to roll the dice once more in hopes I can find another amazing home.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Tempo Storm and its players and staff. I wish nothing but the best for them moving forward. I cannot wait to see what the full roster can do at the Poland event coming up. I still feel me personally I have a lot to prove and I am ready for my next Adventures as a Manager and Coach.

Thanks - CAlan

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