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1st Aug 2019 from TwitLonger

Clarification about me missing EVO

Hey guys, saw some classic reddit comments so thought I'd clear some misinformation up :)
started the visa process a long time ago, even paid for premium processing too ($500 extra). Making the petition takes extra time since it recently got a lot more strict. politics etc.

Then after getting it approved to get a time at the embassy, then you leave your passport there and then they send it back to you (iirc you can pick it up but it was already very close time wise).
Generally when you pick up passports at the police etc you can have parents/partner to verify you, thats why I thought I'd be ok, but this specific postal service refuses to accept anything other than state id/drivers lisence.
Obviously stupid to not have another form of ID (lost my other form a while ago) but yeah, I didn't have this problem last time when I picked it up in 2016 so I thought it would be fine, honest mistake. I'll probably be able to get my passport in the next few days so its a shame that everything took longer than expected.

I knew there was a chance I would miss EVO because of delays but the other option was to apply before smashnsplash and summit and miss those two guaranteed, so I took a chance and barely missed it.
Hopefully I can get it back in time for smashcon and sorry for anyone I disappointed.

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