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28th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

Official statement about Ottr Situation:

Official statement about Ottrboi Situation:

During the stream made on the 25th of July by Ottr, he hit a one in a million shot (as he defined) that caused a strange reaction while some people were watching him.
He said "Don't clip that" because "its a meme that I say when I do things like that, though this actually looked super sketch and was during league which is way worse than hitting weird shots".

The clip then got posted on Reddit a few minutes later:

After that, we got accused to have a cheater in our roster so we immediately started investigating about it, Because we think that there's nothing as bad as cheating in an online competition.

Then a day later, Dexerto official apex news twitter comes out with this article:
https://twitter.com/TitanfallBlog/status/1154704603335811072 that explains what happened in a detailed way.

This article includes also Ottr words:
"Some people raised concerns about my reaction and my alt-tabbing. I react like that all the time when I do suspect stuff and I'm currently looking through my clips trying to find some other ones when I say the same thing.
I alt-tabbed to create a stream marker so I could clip it myself later cause I thought it was fun."

(You can read the complete response from Ottr here: https://prnt.sc/ol1b1c)

We are finishing the LongTweet by linking this video: https://bit.ly/2YqkPXq that we define as the resume of the whole situation.

So at last, we decided to keep Ottr in our Apex Roster since he got manually unbanned and he's innocent, here's the discussion between him and a Respawn Employee: https://twitter.com/ottrboii/status/1154542639498313728

Thank you for reading and Have a Good day!

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