IMPORTANT Nexus Contest 2nd edition : Player selection & participating countries


After talking between admins, we finally decided how we decided how we will organize the 2nd edition of the Nexus Contest.

Who can participate and how players are selected ?

Last year, the TOP2 ranking of each country on the leaderboard were selected to be the captains and build the team.
With the new system of ranking in HOTS aka StormLeague, we felt it was a bit unfair with the possibility to group to grind the ladder.
HOTS is a team game, this is why we decided the following.

We will allow everyone to participate, for each country, players will have to build their own team or join an existing one. There will be qualifications to have 1 final team who will represent their nation.

1 Team in a country : They're auto-qualified
2 Teams : BO5 or BO7 between the teams
3 Teams : Mini-group, they face each other, in case of perfect tie, we’ll do another round
4 teams : Mini-group, they face each other
More : We doubt there will be more, but this will probably bring a swiss system.

Every country playing on EU servers can create a team for his country.

Once we have a team per country, there will be a group phase. Every country team will be split into 4 groups.
In each group, 2 teams will qualify for the playoffs. In those playoffs, we will have 8 Teams facing to be the European champions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The Nexus Contest team.

Please share & Retweet this, the more players we have, better the tournament will be.


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