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22nd Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

Beşiktaş Esports & my future

It's time to shed some light on what has been going on for the past year, i don't know exactly where to begin but here goes:
As most of you already know we formed a team (Simsy, ultra, tomil & me) called "Diamond dogs after Simsy & ultra departed from "PENTA Sports". We had our ups and downs and eventually got picked up by "Beşiktaş Esports" back in May/June of 2018 (12 months contracts), later to be announced in October
(yes, there was a significant gap in time from signing to announcement, we asked when it was going to be multiple times and always got the "next week" answer during this time, we were paid during this time) however this is where we start having issues with the organisation, late payments etc, we asked about it multiple times and were told payments were sent, we sometimes got payed 1-2 months late between October & December.

After GLL S3 in Stockholm & Minsk qualifiers, we heard nothing from "Beşiktaş Esports" until we started asking for late payments again in February, we were told that they would be sent "soon"
a month goes by nothing arrives, we ask again and this time we are told that we don't have a valid contract with "Beşiktaş Esports" as the company we signed with was dissolved over Christmas. (this is in March this year, 3 months later, they already owed us a significant amount of money at this point)

We've essentially been playing under the "Beşiktaş Esports" name since December without getting paid, all that time they have been promising that the money they owe would be paid in full (still waiting for that as of writing, probably not going to happen).

Now let's move on to something else than the Organisations mistakes/abuse and talk about the Team:
As most of you know we qualified for PEL Phase 3, or should i say, Simsy, Ultra & Tomil qualified.
Today i received a message from Ultra that I've been benched & that they don't see a future with the current team roster.
I feel betrayed by my "friends", i don't have funds to dedicate another 6+ months to competitive PUBG if i have to start over, i have nothing left for my teammates & i have nothing to loose.

There is so much more i could have gone into details with, but i don't feel like typing out a book right now.

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