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20th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

Backstabbed, Leaving Solwing

First of all, I've never done a TwitLonger but I feel really fucked about this and feel like I should share this one. It might be a bit much but I want to tell it from A to Z to make it clear.

TLDR: Got scammed out of my prizemoney cut, left the team.

As most of you know I have been playing in Benelux for a while now and I've had great fun, met amazing people and have had amazing experiences because of it. This last season, season 3, I played the playoffs with Conquer my previous team. We didn't make it to LAN and we then decided since motivations in the team had dropped to disband, starting with me and Kwekko leaving to quickly after Tiger and Seji doing the same.

Since I have been to the Season 1 and 2 LAN finales as player knowing how amazing those events were for me I was really dissapointed and sad on not being able to go to the third one as player. Because of this and me leaving Conquer I contacted some teams that if they would need a backup incase someone wouldn't be able to make it or whatever I was available.

One of the people I spoke with was Craxan, at the time they had no org and it wasn't sure if M1lon would be able to come from Russia regarding his visa and the high travelcosts. Because of this reason Craxan and Kabouter decided to take me instead to be sure of having a player at LAN, we 3 were in teamspeak when they decided. I contacted Decibel about this since the team was out of rosterchanges, after the 5th team denied the possible LAN spot and penaltypoints were awarded it was done. (Previous to this I had some chat with Craxan about me possibly joining instead but nothing was confirmed back then.)

There was a lot of talk about going to LAN just for the money, cash in and go home "cause fuck all the other shit". I stated that it wasn't just about the money for me, I also liked the day itself. Being with all the great people from the community and playing on location. For some reason Craxan, Kabouter and HzDef decided that this was a good reason to not pay me for the LAN finale. Cause according to them this now meant that quote: "You agreed to join without receiving pricemoney.". The only problem is that I got told this AFTER the money was received.

So currently the money has been payed out to Craxan who has split it over the team excluding me and I'm now being told this was the "agreement" we (including me) made upon joining. As you can imagine I was completely flabbergasted by this as it just feels like a massive backstab by the people I've had al this fun with. They did say a couple times (at LAN included) that I wouldn't get a cut, but this always said in a laughing way and I fully thought this was in a joking matter, cause why would that be a serious thing? But apparently this is what they actually meant and decided pretty early on so they probably talked about in another private chat between them (as none of this "agreement" was actually in the main team appgroup).

What even pisses me off more is that after LAN I was in teamspeak with Craxan and we were looking at watches as a nice thing to buy from the pricemoney, since they did say it a couple times at LAN in joke form about me not getting a cut I was starting to doubt them a bit. So I said multiple times to him I'll buy this watch from the LAN money which he never said on "But you ain't getting any" or in whatever form but just agreed and I then actually bought it in call with him.

As we actually made it to second place it would have been around a 400 euro cut, so yeah pretty fucking dissapointed. Not really the "great BeNeLux community and people" I always try to talk about to other regions.

As you can imagine I don't want to continue with people like this and therefor instantly left Solwing today, the guys from the org are nice but there is no way I'm staying. As I can not care about anything lately including Siege I'm not LFT.

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