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19th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

coL’s RL Team


Just to clarify the whole thing for coL’s Rocket League team:

So we had qualified for RLCS, got top 8 at DH Dallas and Top 4 at DH Valencia, which are of course pretty good results.
But I was unhappy with how inconsistent we were and thought we could do EVEN better. So I thought: Replace gReazy OR look for other options. (Had these thoughts for a while: contacted teams about whether or not they had found a 3rd yet, even before DH Valencia).
I had talked with Mognus about a roster change (literally during DH Valencia, so quite a rushed decision from me), and at first he straight up said ‘I dont know.’
But after a while, Mognus was willing to try others and so I started looking for players to try.
I had also talked about this with Snaski (coach) and our manager, who were both warning me for a point of no return and ‘bad’ roster moves, but I was certain (and stubborn), and they told me if that was the decision and Mognus agreed to it, they wouldn’t really influence the decision. (This was around the time I came back home from DH Valencia)

A couple days had passed and I asked Mognus to try a certain player, and he told me to have a chat with our manager, which I did, and I then heard that my teammates were disappointed in me (because again I either wanted a replacement or join another team) which led them to being forced (by me) to make a decision, and their decision was to stick together and try out other players, and I was free to explore as well.
(This was last Tuesday)

I talked with Mognus, Greazy and Snaski today, where I apologized for making a ‘rushed & stubborn decision’ and for not being fully transparent. And they told me they’d rather have things how they were, since they’ve had bad experiences with roster changes, and so we've come to the agreement to start scrimming again and try to patch things up.
We got a new coach who can help us on our flaws and hopefully we can grow together.

Sorry for all the confusement and stuff, it’s been weird for me (and a lot of others) as well, hope this clarifys up a lot of questions & just the situation in general.

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