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OU7C4ST's Future Plans. [#Pokemon #PTCGO #ThankYou]

To the PTCGO Community,

For the last 5 years, I've had a strong passion for PTCGO after leaving the Yu-Gi-Oh! community back in Nov. of 2014 due to not being a fan of where the game was heading. When I left Yu-Gi-Oh!, it left a void in me that I wanted to fill with another TCG. That is when I found Pokemon TCG Online.

I always loved Pokemon growing up, and collected the cards. In my area, all of us kids would just collect the "shiny cards", and trade them, but never took the time to learn how to play the actual game. I can remember trying to learn how to play the TCG with that free CD ROM game that came out in the late 90's. I got my ass handed to me on it by the AI, and kind of just quit there, and didn't pursue it further. (How sad, and discouraging it was to get obliterated on a Demo Disc by the AI, lol.)

I'm sure many of you can relate how I felt when I found PTCGO. I could collect cards virtually, trade, and play with other people online?! What an absolute dream it was as I had nobody within a 50 mile radius to do this with IRL. At the time, PTCGO was by far superior to most other TCG Online clients in terms of UI friendliness, and features. Sadly, over the years we've seen those features become stripped from the game, while other TCGs have continued to better themselves strongly. I hope one day the Developers, and whoever else is in charge of the direction PTCGO travels, will start to make this game more bountiful again. As of now, it's as bare-bones as it ever has been. It's basically in constant Maintenance mode now.

However, these are my personal feelings, and I digress from what I'm here to mainly talk about.

I'm going to be taking a step back from the community in terms of some of the content I put out there. Over the years, more people have came into the community, and really expanded the awareness of it, while providing amazing tools, and information that they can share with the community.

One of the most recent ones is a new PTCGO Price Guide to help evaluate the costs of your cards online. This newer one can provide a much better service to the community than I simply can at this time. It's become obvious to some of you that I have just mentally checked-out from doing the Card Value Guide for the last few months. My passion just isn't into analyzing card prices, and taking the time to upload them anymore.

Regarding questions I've received. Could I continue to do it? Could I just leech off the new guide going forward at times? Yeah, I could. It's not like anybody could "stop" me if I chose to do so as prices are just subjectional to begin with between players. However, after thinking more on it, why be a thorn in the side of something that overall is providing a service to the community that I love, and enjoy as well? It'd just be an overall poor choice regardless.

I still enjoy PTCGO, but I want to get back into actually enjoying the entirety of the game, and just not 1 feature of it. I miss getting on, and playing the game. Instead, for the last few months, anytime I did have time to get on, was spent solely in the Trading sections of the game.

So with all that said, I'm retiring from doing my Card Value Guide to focus on more endeavors I feel passionate about. I have plans to travel soon, create content for other games outside PTCGO, & spend more time with my friends, and family. (Especially my girlfriend of 9 years who was just recently diagnosed with severe CKD. It's really made me re-evaluate my free time, and how I want to spend it.)

It was an incredibly sad, and at times, a struggle to come to terms to close this chapter of my life, but I know I'm leaving it in good hands.

Moving forward, PTCGOGuide.com should be your go-to website nowadays for PTCGO Prices. It's operated by 9outofBen, which many of you know to be the former owner of Phantom Knight Trading Company on the official Pokemon forums, and a wonderful PTCGO Streamer on Twitch. He's doing this full time, so I have confidence in saying that you all will get accurate information regarding prices from this time going forward. This new guide will also be linked on the sidebar going forward as well.


- OU7C4ST Card Value Guide has had it's last update, and is retiring. I felt this is the right time as rotation is next month, a new price guide has just been released, and I've already mentally checked out of updating my own Card Value Guide for the last few months. While it's an ending to things, it's also a beginning.

- PTCGOGuide.com has just launched, and will be the go-to place for PTCGO Card Prices going forward.

- I'll still be moderator for /r/ptcgo as I don't plan to stop playing the game, but just stop putting out specific content of it that I don't have passion for.

- As a community, we're going to vote on some changes for /r/ptcgo soon as well. Such as what type of content you subscribers of /r/ptcgo want to see, and not see on the subreddit, and more contests/tournaments in the future.

Thanks for everybody who took the time to read this, and supported me over the years.

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