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8th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

China DOTA2 Development League by ImbaTV & Chinese Esports Clubs

Eight major clubs team up with ImbaTV to launch a new China DOTA2 League
In recent years, overseas’ new generation prodigies have emerged continuously. In this 18/19 DPC Season, Nisha, Abed - born after the year 2000. Then Ana, RAMZES666 and SumaiL born in 1999 all shine in the Major events. But in China, with an unregulated league system, an increasingly bad ladder environment and other issues have constrained the emergence of the new generation of players, and the thirst and need for young & fresh blood is becoming more and more obvious in CN DOTA.
Not long ago, the last Major Epicenter of the season came to an end. 12 direct invites have been confirmed and there are only three Chinese teams. The pattern of the Chinese teams against the world no longer exists.

With that in mind, eight clubs: LGD, VG, KG, Aster, EHOME, RNG, iG and Newbee are commited to unite to cultivate the new generation of forces, and reached a consensus with ImbaTV to jointly organize the "China DOTA2 Development League"! And we will implement the concept of “Hero Cup” and improve it based on the experience of successful past events.
In addition, the "China DOTA2 Development League" will be different from other domestic competitions. As a league that trains reserve forces, each team's competitors will have double restrictions on age and qualifications when they register. In addition, we will severely crack down on unfair competitions such as ghosting, swapping accounts, and match-fixing. Once verified for breaking the rules, a player will then be directly prohibited from participating in any future events & competitions hosted by Imba.
We hope to create a good atmosphere for the CN Dota for the long term, a wider range and a more standardized league system. We will make a contribution to the future of the CN Dota. We look forward to the new generation to rise once again!
The first "China DOTA2 Development League" will be officially launched on July 16th. We will use this as an attempt. After getting more clubs with faith, pursuit and eager to win, we will further improve the system after Ti9!

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