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6th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

Thoughts about my Grandmasters Season 1

At the start of Grandmasters i was really excited because there were so many different things you could bring (since the meta wasn't refined) and there really wasn't a way to say what the best strategy was so you had to trust your own opinions. My deck choices and play at the first couple of weeks was really good and i think i got an edge over other players for understanding whats better faster. After Vegas we had a way bigger sample size and people started picking up on whats actually good. My motivation after Vegas was still pretty high but i felt that the time that i had to put in the game to get that "edge" wasn't really worth it anymore cause it was just technical play on the 2 decks that i have played the most since the start of GM (mage and rogue). As a result i wasn't playing much HS cause there's really not that much to do right now other that play ladder(which isn't even competitive anymore). I started playing a lot of the new AutoChess game after Drodo announced their 1 million tournament, i felt this is something i want to compete in so i had to get good at it(which i did i'm currently top 20 EU). I didn't think that not playing as much Hearthstone would impact my play but after the last 2 weeks i felt i did way too many mistakes and my lvl of play wasn't even close to the weeks before. With the expansion so close and this meta coming to an end i can't say that my motivation is very high right now but i will definitely start playing more and try my best to be in a good shape for playoffs next week.

Other than my own personal experience i think the format turned out better than i expected and the players who played better actually did better than the rest. I don't think this is the best format or anything but i think it gets way too much hate.There are a lot of things that can be improved in GM and the esports team is looking like they are willing to listen to us and change things for the better so i'm hopeful on that part.

I am person who needs to have goals in order to be motivated and with the playoffs/expansion/Seoul coming up i think i will be back in my best form in no time.

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