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6th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

Injury and Recovering

This has been a rough season for me and I just haven't had the chance to talk about it until now. Pretty much ever since becoming a pro I've had minor intermittent issues mainly with my wrists/hands but they never really affected me at all. It was like having a minor twinge a couple times a week or occasional wrist pain that would last for like 10 seconds and then go away. But about 4 weeks ago the pain started getting worse and more consistent and my practice started to suffer. I just wasn't playing as much solo q since I was scared of the pain/making it worse but my performance on stage was still passable, at least until Rift Rivals came around. Initially I didn't want to play in the tournament since it doesn't affect our regular season/playoffs standing but by the time I brought it up to my team our roster was already sent in and we couldn't change it before the event. So I ended up playing in Rift Rivals and for those of you who didn't watch it (please don't lol), we got smashed. I think that no matter what my condition would have been we still would have lost to the LEC teams but I wish I'd had the chance to play well enough to see exactly where I need to make improvements. During this time I found a specialist and I've been working with her and have a recovery plan in order to get back to normal. This plan involved a week of full rest and after talking to my team we decided that for this week of LCS I will be stepping down and Kumo will be taking my place on the main roster. He has been practicing really hard and I believe that he is ready to play on the LCS stage. I hope that you guys will all cheer him on and support him in his games this weekend. After this week I will be practicing with the team again and will be working hard to show that I deserve the starting spot on the roster, and that I can be a top ;) player in the LCS again.

I'd like to really thank Reapered, Jack, my teammates and everyone at Cloud9 for being so accommodating for me and letting me get the help and rest that I need in order to perform at my best.

TL;DR I am dealing with injuries, and am on a path to recovery with the help of my team. Thanks to everyone for all your support and patience, I hope to be back soon and playing my best.

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