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4th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

An Apology.

i’m sorry.

It took me a while to put my thoughts together and write this for multiple reasons. For one, I needed to take time off to get myself back together mentally, and also because you all deserve so much better from me. But after recent events I decided I needed to finish this now so we can learn and move on from this as a community. To start things off, I want to issue an apology to everyone, including my friends, followers, and the entire community. I’m embarrassed and ashamed of my actions and how I handled the situation before. Even though I’m told that I’m still young and I’m allowed to make mistakes, there’s absolutely no excuse for what I did, I was childish and immature. Whether or not I liked it, I was a larger public figure in the smash community, and to have everyone witness how I handled such a serious allegation the way I did makes me regret it so much. At that time, I was not in the right mental state, dealing with many personal issues. I used Twitter as a way to vent my emotions and feelings, not fully realizing the impact I had on the community as a whole with the things I have shared. I know I will never handle a situation like this again as I’ve definitely learned and grown from this experience. I couldn’t stand seeing my friend at the time, in a situation where I felt like my protests to him had no impact. I know I was stupid and I am completely sorry for outing the victim, as I have apologized to him many many times. I know there is no justifying it either, but in the situation I was in at the time, I felt like it was the only other option. This problem also made it extremely difficult for me to bring the allegation up to authorities, and also because of the location differences of the victim, the accused, and I. Now that the situation has come to light by the accused and the victim, I would also like to bring up the situation with StaticManny. I brought the situation to light because a close friend of mine who lives in Florida (Manny’s region) would constantly vent about how uncomfortable they and others felt about him and his actions. This and many other people who stated their experiences resulted in his ban, but all because thankfully my friend had the courage to speak up. I know people believe I did this out of spite, but if there was only a way to show the things I have done to try and prevent this previously without creating more problems, I would. I did not just randomly speak up about it, I had been very firm about where I stood in the situation to the point to where I was asked to leave a rooming situation for the rest of the weekend by the accused. I do not want to get into specific details, but I have always and always will be against this. On the day of me going on about these two situations, I received many messages of victims telling me their stories of being abused, harassed, etc. It broke my heart and it makes me devastated I couldn’t help any of these people after reaching out to me and the fact that they probably won’t ever see the light of day because of how this community treats victims. I’m sorry to everyone who sent me those messages and I wish I was able to assist in any capacity. I pray you all get the closure and justice you deserve for your terrible experiences with people in this community. I also hope the community starts listening to our victims’ stories instead of blindly arguing with them and accusing them for wanting attention as it’s hard enough to speak up about it to even begin with. Finally, to everyone who reached out to me and believed in me during this, I remember who you are. Not because there weren’t many of you, but because you guys gave me some sort of reassurance and motivation to move on. To end things off, I have a few words for everyone who had been harassing me and putting me down for the past few months. I will admit it did affect me as I had already been dealing with many personal problems at the time, having hundreds of horrifying messages and comments did mentally damage me even more. Although, I do not hold any resentment towards any of these people and I do not expect or want an apology.
I am just sorry for giving them a reason to hate me.


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