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4th Jul 2019 from TwitLonger

Im not a racist.


I guess everyone has been waiting for me to speak up after this tweet from Issa, and the FortniteGuy calling me out for being a racist.

I wish i was capable of writing at an earlier stage, but it's been a very, very tough past few days, even now its so hard to put words on paper. I've not been able to read all the comments on twitter because i would legit collapse reading, but i have read some and i cant say anything else but that it destroys me inside.

I still stand by my statement that these accusations of me being a racist and having said that word are not true. I have nothing against colored humans, and i do not treat them any different than other humans let alone call them names.

Ever since childhood ive spent alot of time with foreigeners, going to a "foreign reception school(?)" i quickly learned in life that were all the same. We played soccer together, we did schoolwork together, i worked my ass off to help them get allowance from their parents to come visit me and other friends after school(this was not something that you could take forgranted having a different culture than ours). Me and my friends wanted them to be the same as us, we wanted them to be able to do everything that we did. We wanted them to be a part of us.

How can you call me a racist, Why would i say the N-word? Are you aware that i have a soon to be 2,5 year old half-Colored son ? Where his mom and i was together for 7 years, her also being a colored? If you choose to believe that i am a racist then that is your decision, but that means youre neglecting the actual truth.

Ive cared and loved foreign humans more than my own familly at times.

Im just so speechless i dont know what to say or write honestly, that im even sitting here having to explain myself why it wasnt me saying those words, and why im not a racist is just beyond everything i stand for.

Whatever happens, happens right now - E11 are investigating and they will probably decide within a short period of time what to do with me. Sadly i think the pressure on me being accused having said that and being a racist is just too hard on them.

E11 is my familly, and ive worked my ass off for them and others the past months and im hoping this ends well, but i expect the worst.

If i do end up losing my job due to stuff spread on the internet, im not sure what i want to do with that if im going to pursue it to prove my innocent or not. I will talk to one or two lawyers and if people can be held accountable in court of law then that will happen. This shit happening to me is just not fair at all. All this over a clipped picture on the internet(who anyone could do), stating that im a racist and an abuser with the N word.

After having explained the situation for my ex, under no doubt she gave me the rights of using these two pictures of her. A racist together with a colored girl, right? Obnoxious statement to make about me.

(This text will not be perfect, in terms of how its set up, nor grammar, this is all written under an extremely unhealthy condition.)

Keep your toxic comments to yourself, i dont need any of that shit.

Other than that, thanks to the people that do support me and have sent me DMs the last couple of days, thanks for keeping my head over the water and knowing the truth, along with knowing who i am.


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