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3rd Jul 2019 from TwitLonger


I am not tweeting this for pity or anything like that at all, just wanted to fill in everyone on the situation regarding my ex-team.

So Tyson gets dropped on Sunday night/Monday morning for Excite and scrims on Monday night were not pretty at all. It went from not winning a map against Prodigy to only winning 1 map aganist Flanners and co. During this I wasn't happy at all as there was a person in the team that was worse than Tyson, however Tyson gets dropped just for having bad comms 🙃.

On Monday night I insisted that Tyson joins back for Cruze as if we are going to make Champs it will have to be with the best team possible, not who comms the best. My suggestion got denied from Buzz as he believes Cruze has what it takes to do well xD. Below will be 2 screenshots; 1 of Buzz saying he believes Cruze has what it takes and another saying Tyson for Cruze won't work.

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2:

Later on Monday night I messaged Tyson and Lee and asked if they would be keen to team with myself and Mick. They both said yes so I messaged Tomori (Scarz owner) and asked if they will send us if we don't have Cruze. I proceeded to get this message from Tomori saying Cruze is in charge of team management (see screenshot below).


On Tuesday I got the offer to come back and play with Excite, Buzz, Cruze and Micka or play with the 1k team from Sunday (Me, Tyson, Cruze, Buzz, Micka), however I turned both down as I wanted Cruze gone. The reason being is, I don't want to team with someone that I have no faith in, and I don't want to waste my time going to another event just for a holiday. Both events I have attended with him he has costed me a better placement as he thinks he is some superman and can take on the other team 1v5.

Goodluck to Micka and Tyson, they deserve whatever they get as they are genuine freaks at this game, and have bright futures ahead of them.

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