What happened with Osiris

Just for some background, this guy is a certified dumbass. He’s the guy who harassed MuteAce and told Esam to his face that he masturbated to his girlfriend’s patreon for literally no reason other than he was drunk so he thought it was a good idea. Dude has been banned from more events than you can count on one hand.

Now that that is out of the way, it all happened very quickly but this is exactly what happened. So my friend texts our group chat literally out of the blue saying that he wants someone to come to the bathroom because some dude is starting something with him. So I literally run over because you don’t ever get texts like that from friends. Friend shows me to Osiris who apparently knocked his water jug out of his hand for LITERALLY NO REASON.

I walked over to the guy not even to hit him or do anything aggressive, just wanted to know what the hell compels an adult to knock a water jug out of a stranger’s hand unprovoked. At this point I was more confused than I was enraged, because who does that? So I asked him straight up with Blacktwins in between us (a person between us means we were a couple feet away I didn’t get in his face). His answer was “you ever heard of alcohol, pussy?” So at this point you can tell the guy is just a real swell guy. I asked him “Are you a middle schooler dawg tryna bully people, you’re such a weirdo man.” This was when he crossed blacktwins and now got up in my face and basically put his chest to mine. At this point he’s like pushing me back with his chest slowly cuz he’s a bigger guy than me. So I was thinking “Yo I really don’t wanna fight nobody not after Smash con where the story got super twisted and it got held over my head for years. So I didn’t wanna fight the dude, but at the same time I’m not gonna get pushed around, so I pushed him off of me cuz he wouldn’t get his chest off me. He swung at me and I pieced him up. The fight got broken up but my controller was on his side of people breaking it up. I didn’t wanna go back in hitting I just wanted my controller so I could dip before staff came and made it way bigger of a commotion. This lunatic grabs my controller off the ground and starts walking away a little bit and I say “Give me my controller back” and he launches it on the ground as hard as he can, so I hit him again just once. Looking back me hitting him again is the only part of this that looks slightly bad for me but he took my property, and damaged it right in front of me and Gamecube controllers expensive as hell mannnn. Fight broke up from there and I just walked away and apparently he got into another altercation with Chez, one of the TO’s And was escorted out of the venue immediately in a big charade and banned immediately, all because the guy can’t handle his alcohol.

Scroll down his twitter and all you’ll see is him going off on some twitter finger rampage. Even managed to hint at assaulting Epic Gabriel, who is a little kid. He’s going off on a twitter spreebecause that’s all he can do at this point, he can’t play, can’t grind, can’t improve. All he can do is tweet himself into his own grave and the last tourney experience he will have is getting pieced up by a guy half his size and getting himself thrown out the venue like some caged animal. Truly a disgrace to the smash community and probably one of the biggest idiots to ever touch the sticks. Hope he gets banned from everything I don’t even know why he was allowed to come to CEO in the first place. Guy is an lunatic

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