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27th Jun 2019 from TwitLonger

.bye for now

TLDR at the end

It's been 5 months now since I'm living in Vienna and studying. The main reason I did this was cause I worked way too much and my university in Switzerland is really bad. Now that I took this break and lived in such a beautfiul city I've made some thoughts about myself and my further goals. I wanna focus on my work-life balance, my freelance work and my health. I've realised some things that I need to change when going back home. I don't wanna go too much into detail cause most of you don't need/want to know that.

The reason I made a twitlonger is to let some of you know this, cause I've got the pleasure to meet good friends in the gaming community. With all the things I decided to do, I will step back from social media as much as I can. This mostly affects Twitter cause I only use Twitter and Instagram as socials, everything else is cut off a long time ago. I'll still play games and Rocket League, I will still be on Twitter for a bit, but I want to avoid it as much as possible. For me, socials only are important if you have to interact with a community or friends. For me, it will only be instagram to stay in touch with my friends i met in Vienna and my friends back home. Twitter was good when I was active in the scene but with things from the past, me not being active as player or coach anymore, I don't need Twitter anymore. Also I really can't enjoy RL anymore. It's taking 2 matches and I leave the game. Every ball of whool can reach GC nowadays and it shows. Even a player like me, who is spending a few hours in the game reaches GC easily. That shouldn't be the case.

Of course I would be happy to see some of you on Instagram, just drop me a message :)
Have fun with the things that you really enjoy and it was nice to meet (some of) you

I wanna focus on specific things in life, stepping back from socials.


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