Indefinite break

(If you came here for some drama, read the last sentence)

Simply put, I will be taking an indefinite break from professional League of Legends play. This means I won't be competing under any professional organisation or with any professional team in any League of Legends professional league (ESL, BPL, ...) or other tournaments. I still will, as long as I'm able to endure the feeders in my game (or when I'm feeding), be playing the game and might join some little tournaments or LAN's with my friends for fun rather than competing for first place.

Looking back, I was never the best player in my role, nor did I consider myself to be the best player on any team I was on. I just had a huge passion for playing this game competitively with people I enjoyed being around and sharing this passion. I do, however, think I brought some great aspects to teams and that is why people kept me in their teams despite my lesser mechanical skill. I just want to say, I loved playing every tournament I played in with every teammate. One of my top achievements was probably the ESL Proximus Finals and second place at The Party 17 with a squad that wasn't expected to do anything. Another moment I'm proud of was subbing in for the Sector One main team in the Benelux Premier League (I know, I just enjoy the little things :D).

For the future, I have been in contact with 4Entertainment (@4EntHQ) and I'm thrilled to say that I will be joining their talent line-up. Much more on that soon ;)

To end this twitlonger, I would like to thank everyone who I interacted with and some people have impacted me more than they could ever imagine. Yes, I'm talking about you.

To name some people, these ones have impacted me a lot and I will never forget them: <3

And many more...

PS: Sona Taric is good for Benelux and Maokai support with Ziggs bot is heavily underrated.

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