[LGD #LeagueofLegends Penalty Announcement]
It has come to our attention that some of our LGDLoL members have commited various violations.

We immediately contacted all personnel involved and suspected of relevant incidents for investigation and collection of evidence and have reported all the League of Legends disciplinary management team after verifying the incident.

Based on the Investigation we have concluded:
During the LPL competition in 2019, Condi has participated in improper behaviour that affect the competition by means, prohibited by the rules.

In 2019, Song Ziyang, manager of LGDLOL has repeatedly made improper behaviour that affects fair competition and tried to use his position to influence the results of the competitions.

Substitute player fdy and coach 1ntruder participated in misconduct affecting fair play in 2019.

In addition, it was found that LGD Live host, Kathy Chan
participated in misconduict affecting fair competition in 2019.
After all the findings, LGD Gaming has made full punishments decisions as we have the zero tolerance policy for rule breaking.
Effective immediately, contracts of Condi, fdy and 1ntruder are terminated. Song Ziyang, Chen Siqi shall be dismissed. LGD Gaming will hold the right to pursue further legal action.

Meanwhile, LGD recognizing we are unwillingly involved in this incident , we take full responsibility for the management of the above mentioned personnel and extend our sincere apologies to all fronts affected by this incident.

LGD would like to apologie to the League of Legends Professional League (LPL), its organizers and all of its fans.
LGD apologizes to other League of Legends clubs and their performing players.
LGD would also like to apologize to all of our friends and fans, who have been with us through thick and thin for so long!
LGD also apologized to all of our other players and staff for their dedication, integrity and commitment.

From now on, the club will strengthen it's self-inspection methods and accept more public supervision and outreach for the majority of players, hoping to put a permanent end to the recurrence of such incidents.

June 6th, 2019.

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