Here is our staff announcement for 2019, written by our head coach Conor.

Conor Fitzpatrick / Conor: Head coach
It's my pleasure to introduce myself, my colleagues and our vision for the Phelan LoL team this upcoming season.

Our intentions are simple - come together to offer players the best resources for players' improvement that we can. I give every staff member responsibility in their expert area, and structure spending our time working towards long term player growth with the end goal of reaping results for the Phelan organization. With players, I focus on being a facilitator who asks the right questions and efficiently steers discussions towards successful outcomes.

Billy Wragg / Nutri: Strategic coach
Billy is a veteran of both the UK and European LoL scenes, playing and coaching in many high level positions. She has been granted the freedom to use her time wherever she feels will bring the most value, such as dedicated one-to-one feedback sessions with our jungler. Her intelligence and experience will be core to all areas of our strategy as she sets high standards for myself and our players at Phelan Gaming.

Aleksanteri Leinonen / ATL: Assistant coach
ATL has previous experience as a head coach in other regional leagues. He is currently studying bachelor of sports coaching and management in Finland, and is an assistant coach for a U17 basketball team. His traditional sports background in addition to his formal coaching education combine to lead a program of structured one-to-one performance coaching sessions, while also supporting us with other team wide tasks.

Callum Abbott / LevelUp Performance: Mental skills coach
Callum recently completed his sports psychology master’s degree at Loughborough University and is pursuing advanced formal accreditation. His workload will consist of one-to-one sessions with our players where he's treated as an outside consultant. He will offer long term value to our players' mindsets and mental skills, and advise myself on how to best support each player individually.

Joshua Smith / Noodles: Analyst
Noodle comes from a maths and data analysis background, and has an excellent intuitive mind for the game. His task is to increase our winrate; whether that be by briefing me on pick ban, predicting a meta shift or scouting how to exploit an enemy. This is his first season with a national league team, so I'm excited to see what he can come up with when given creative freedom.

Joshua Mulgrew / Mulgrew: Manager
Mulgrew has immersed himself in the UK esports scene; becoming publicist for Swansea gaming society and social media manager for esports Wales. We have an excellent working relationship and I trust him to hold us all accountable if we slack. I'm looking forward to a great split together.

I'm thrilled to be working with so many like-minded, and competent individuals. We hope to do our players and the Phelan brand proud.

Thank you for your continued support,
Conor Fitzpatrick
Head Coach of Phelan Gaming.

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