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2nd Jun 2019 from TwitLonger

My statement regarding everything that's going on.

Hey guys

This is my official statement for what's been going on the past few days.

What happened 7 months ago was not the prettiest thing ever. I am deeply hurt and sorry for what I've said and I really hope I can find forgiveness, not only was I forced to give up the thing I love the most which is dota 2, I was forced to probably end any career I had a dota 2 player in South Africa.

What I said, can't be unsaid, it was a frustrating day for me, I lost game after game, I lost my cool and said what I said, I ask for two things from the public, 1 forgiveness and 2 another chance. I worked my entire gaming career of 7/8 years to finally get to the top to hopefully qualify for WESG and go overseas, I'm not allowed to do that anymore and rightfully so.

For what I said, I've been hiding my head in shame and honestly, my heart is literally broken for what happened, I said what I said with no bad intentions, I understand that statement is ridiculous to believe, but trust me, I have no bad intentions towards anyone in this world. I am truly hurt, I can't believe everything I've worked 8 years just got taken away from me, I am honestly so sorry.

I've tried my best to not let my emotions get the better of me and I will continue doing this until I stop breathing. The entire event has shown me the impact your words have. I've never been racist towards anyone in my life, but I can understand how it came forth.

I'm writing this statement in tears asking for forgiveness from whoever I did wrong in the past, you will never see that side from me again. I am truly sorry and I've only been trying my best to improve this scene for all south africans. What I said in my Europe game was directed at no one, I just said it out of pure anger, which is honestly no excuse, but I hope you guys can understand it from my side. Again, I am truly sorry to my dota community and I will honestly work my absolute best to improve this scene and try make it a possible career for younger players. I've literally put my own personal future aside for this, I stopped studying for gaming, I wanted to show younger generations, it is possible if you believe, I'm not asking for your sympathy, but for just a second chance, I honestly Love South Africa with my entire life.

I often get asked, "Muzzy, why don't you go play overseas dota" it's simple, I fucking Love my country so damn much and I am proudly South African.

Thank you for your time in reading my statement.
I hope we can move towards a better future for all South African gamers.

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