Just wanted to give some clarity on the decision to move @FusionUni to Korea. We have an amazing team and we don't want to break them up!
The reason we invest the time, energy, and money into Contenders is to develop talent for the Fusion. We have always had the vision that evaluating players from all regions will help us build a superior in the long term - this is how traditional sports function. The Flyers are a mix of players from all around the world. Building infrastructure that allows us to take players from any region in the world is critical to that mission. We invest a lot into language tutoring and spend extra care to include culinary dishes from each region in team meals. It also gives everyone a chance. Any kid growing up in the world can play for the @Fusion some day. For us the decision to move to Korea comes in part due to import restrictions. We don't want to have to part ways with players we believe in who are from outside the US. We aren't in contenders to develop NA talent for other OWL teams - some of which don't even have a contenders team because it's expensive - we are in it to develop talent for the Fusion. Developing region specific talent is Blizzards job (World Cup, etc). The Contenders prize pool doesn't even cover a tiny fraction of what we spend on players, coaches, and things like housing...and we've won every one.
Moving to Korea made sense, it allows us to keep our roster in tact (as much as possible). And the challenge of tougher competition will help our players grow and prepare for OWL. That's our main priority. Sorry NA, maybe we'll be back in the future. But for now, someone else can have a chance winning 😉 #GoFu

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